Friday, December 18, 2009

Twitter goes to the Mall

Whew! I've been absent from the computer so much this week I thought I wouldn't even have enough tweets to fill a blog post. But then I took twitter to the mall with me and redeemed myself. So now I give you...

The best of me (or not) on the twitter:

Sheesh! Shopping in the rain is a drag.

@PuriChristos is it opposite day? No one told me. (in reply to PuriChristos @sarahmsalter but even that is @katdish's fault because I only do what I think she would want me to do.)

I'm sending this to @weightwhat.

I could probably have my shopping done by now if I quit taking twitpics. But that's how much I love you.

Why? Just why? Giant dust magnet.

Okay, this scary Santa dude is everywhere!

RT @sarahmsalter: @weightwhat Girl, Twitter's been actin' the fool ALL DAY. I don't think it's @katdish's fault this time.//Ha!

What do you give someone who loves nutcrackers AND Star Wars (besides understanding and support)?

@billycoffey Marshalls has a nice selection of nasty pimp hats. #justsaying.

The snug sack: accept no substitutes.

Here's a gift that says, "You know, I never really liked you."

For the person that has everything, llama in a box.

I think I found a skirt to wear for Christmas eve. Little tight in the waist, though.

@redclaydiaries Tweet tight? TW...ah, nevermind...(in reply to redclaydiaries @katdish @sarahmsalter I'd better get to bed. The husband is giving me the evil eye. Good night! Tweet tight! (I crack myself up...)

@sarahmsalter I know the Feliz Navidad part, I just mumble the rest of the words( in reply to sarahmsalter @katdish You already know Feliz Navidad. Right?)

@redclaydiaries And speaking of re-gifting, my crap closet is filling up again, and it's not even Christmas yet. I smell a giveaway!

@sarahmsalter I really should learn especially since everyone speaks Spanish to me anyway

@sarahmsalter But yes. My Spanish is el sucko

@sarahmsalter Now that's just sad. I live in SE Texas & I'm being offered Spanish lessons by a gal from NC. (in reply to sarahmsalter @katdish Yes! I LOVED it! That was AWESOME! (And I totally need to teach you some Spanish.)

@sarahmsalter Yes, but you're organized and a tad OCD. I'm like that, only completely different.( in reply to sarahmsalter @katdish I walk into each store with a list. I get exactly what's on the list and GET OUT. I don't like crowds or fighting for parking.)

@sarahmsalter I'm pacing myself, Sarah... (in reply to sarahmsalter @katdish Good gosh, Woman. How much shopping do you have to do?)

I've been absent from the twitter quite a bit this week. And yet I'm still not finished with my shopping.

@muchl8r Suck in your head? (in reply to muchl8r Carol of the bells suck-in- my. . .head. . . Slowly. . .k-illing me.)

@PuriChristos You must be channeling Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver.

Follow @billycoffey NOW!

But first...Obama gave himself a B+. Sure wish he had been my 9th grade math teacher...

Gotta go do another #tendollarblessing, ninja style...

@shrinkingcamel Oh, Brad. You know I'm not the boss of me. (in reply to shrinkingcamel @katdish @poemsandprayers Thx for the RTs! Hope you don't have toxic employers...(esp. since u r both self-employed)

@PuriChristos Since it's Christmas, I won't make a comment about your little po-dunk town. (in reply to PuriChristos @katdish had a visitor in the church yesterday that moved here from Houston. Talk about trading up.)

@redclaydiaries Dog Videos: Next, on a very special Red Clay Diaries...

@HeatheroftheEO We are quite the banterers, aren't we? (in reply to HeatheroftheEO @redclaydiaries @katdish Hi ya! I've missed your twitter banter. (you know I think you should get some kind of banter award, right?)

But I would never do that (on the twitter)

Jerry Seinfeld might call Tiger Woods a male bimbo, or a Mimbo...

Guess how many twitter posts this makes for me? That's right - twenty-eight. Sorry/you're welcome.


JML said...

That hand-face scares me,, and so does evil santa. I wonder how/why some people think they can get away with some of this crap-- oh yeah, because SOMEWHERE OUT THERE, there's a creeper that will buy that. Good post, hope you're doin' well friend!

Maureen said...

This post gave me such a good laugh, the best all morning (even better than the one I had over @billycoffey's).

By the way, you did hear that Twitter was hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army? I kid you not. It was in the Washington Post this morning. I think that's the reason I lost my RT function, my list of RTs, all the people who think I never RT them but do. Twitter says it thinks the problem's been fixed. Idiot Crime Assault team more like it.

Helen said...

Glad you are able to put up a twitter post this week. I know. I have been slacking in this department lately. I so enjoy reading yours.

S. Etole said...

Issues, people, issues. And there's a gift for every kind it seems.

Wendy said...

What? Shopping in the rain in drag?!

Oh wait. No. You said "is a drag." Nevermind.

Beth said...

I love me a good Katdish Hates on Retail post...

katdish said...

Beth! How we've missed you!