Friday, May 14, 2010

Hey! Whatcha doing over here?

I've moved! Click on over to my new place:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New beginnings

On April 30, 2008 I began my maiden voyage into the blogosphere with the following statement:
"I'm not really sure what this blog is going to be about. But I've found myself writing really long comments on other people's blogs, so I figured I'd start my own and not subject anyone to my rambling commentaries unless they really want to read them."

Since I had no real defined goal or purpose for this this blog, I thought I would steal a line from a favorite t-shirt:
"People say I have ADD. They just don't understand...Hey look, a chicken!

And while I feel "Hey Look a Chicken" was a perfect title for my meandering ramblings, this blog has become more than that. I began to take things a bit more seriously. Not myself, of course (well, mostly not myself), but the influence I have on others.

Whoa! I know that sounds like an incredibly arrogant thing to say. I don't mean it to be. But here's the thing--all of us have a certain degree of influence. The more influence we have, the greater the sense of responsibility we feel. Unless, of course, you're a professional athlete, but I digress...

What started out as a hobby blog has turned into so much more to me. It's a meeting place, a conversation place, a place to vent, to ramble and to encourage. It's also become a place to share the spotlight with others much more talented than yours truly.

So, it's time to say goodbye to Hey Look a Chicken and tidy up a bit. To facilitate a cleaner, more professional yet still katdishy appearance, my geeky guru Peter Pollock has been hard at work on my brand spanking new website. A calmer, less distracting website where the writing is highlighted instead of all the stuff in the sidebars. (As an aside, I'm really hoping to find a place for Awesome Cat, because he is, after all, AWESOME!)

The content will remain much the same. You'll still find a post by Billy Coffey on Mondays and I will continue to introduce (and re-introduce) other writers on Wednesdays. And yes, I still reserve the right to be completely random and ridiculous the rest of the week. Or serious, if the mood strikes.

I'm packing up my stuff and "moving to the light" as Peter refers to it. ("It" being a Wordpress blog.)

Thank you all so much for your continued support and encouragement. I hope to see you at the new place: