Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stuff This Christian Likes: Catalyst One Day

Alright, alright...Jon Acuff was NOT dressed like a pimp, nor did he have any large security guards surrounding him. As he promised on SCL, he was fairly easy to spot:

He was sporting the red down vest and the blue backpack choke full-o-skittles. I was pretty stoked that I was able to sit with him at the conference. Rather than give you a blow by blow of everything that happened at Catalyst (because frankly, I can't remember everything), I'll just give you a few things that stuck out in my mind:

  • When everyone started pouring in to the main hall, I followed Jon to where he and his wife typically sit on Sunday mornings. (Hopefully not in a weird, stalkerish way.)

  • Once seated, I call my husband and say, "I'm sitting next to Jon Acuff!", while Jon Acuff calls his wife and says, "I'm sitting next to Katdish!". I found this ridiculously funny.

  • Steve Fee lead worship. Yes, THAT Steve Fee. And yes, it was awesome.

  • I had to make a conscious effort NOT to look at Jon Acuff during this, because I found myself wondering if he was doing the "pound cake" or the "watermelon". Shame on me.
  • Randomly thinking to myself that attending Catalyst at North Point is like witnessing countless SCL posts come to life. Also realize that Jon Acuff is literally sitting on a gold mine of future posts.
  • Realize that I may have to write an annoying comment on Dr. Tim Keller's website just to let him know that I may have a new Super Mega-Pastor crush. Cuz Craig Groeschel is all that and a bag-o-chips. Anyone who can tell a packed room full of ministry people that if their vision is to be a mega church that they're STUPID, is way cool in my book. (Said the chick from the tiny church plant.) Also wondering if he would be a father of 6 if there had been such a thing as a Snuggie or Slanket "back in the day".
  • First break: I grab my giant briefcase and rush to stand in line to get a picture of Andy Stanley and Zeke. I attempt to encapsulate the meaning behind Zeke in 10 seconds to Andy Stanley, give up and just take the picture. He was real sweet not to visibly roll his eyes at me.
  • Attempt to get back to my seat after coming in late. The aisle of seats at North Point are VERY CLOSE together. Whist carrying my large, heavy briefcase over my head, I lose my balance, fall into the lap of a rather tall, relevant looking guy. Apologize profusely, get my big butt back to my seat, more than a little embarrassed at the scene I've just created.
  • Am comforted by the words of Jon Acuff, who simply says in a hushed tone, "Nice."
  • More great praise and worship music, more awesome wisdom from Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel. Free stuff, Q&A time, yada, yada, yada.
  • Catalyst One Day draws to a close, but not before I finally get to meet Pete Wilson in the hallway. And yes, he's as nice in person as you imagine he would be.
  • Free hotel shuttle picks me up at North Point. She is late because traffic at that place is ridiculous. By the time I get back to the hotel, I have roughly 5 minutes to brush my teeth and have 2 pieces of Trident gum for dinner. Time to head out to "Off the Blogs"!

To be continued...


Marni said...

I like this picture of Jon. He's a total cutie patootey. He should make this his new blogger profile pic.

I am diggin this travel diary you are giving us. It's so stinkin' funny. I can't believe I'll have to wait until tomorrow to read more. Where's my Paxil...

wv:depranc...the remorse you feel after wrapping someone's house...

Helen said...

Katdish, Steph said that you asked Pete all of my questions (didn't say nothing about Jon though), and that she was really embarassed. She neglected to pass on his answers. What were they?
Marni, do you really think his wife will let him post a picture for all to see where he is "a total cutie patootey"? The unibrow picture will be staying up there until he takes one that is even worse. That's what I'd make him do anyway.

katdish said...


I actually GAVE Jon your questions to look at, which he proceeded to put in his backpack. Incidentally, he laughed out loud and something to the effect that you were a gem.

And yes, I asked Pete your questions, but that's for tomorrow's post...

Nick the Geek said...

katdish, there is a very important detail you neglected to share. When you were squeezing through the aisle in front of all these very important people did you stick your butt in their face or ... frontal parts?

Word Verification: ovenes

Where a lolcat doez his bakins. (please forgive me it has been a long day)

katdish said...


Let's just say that there were a few bald heads on the row in front of me that got a nice butt-buffing.

Also, your WV was ridiculous. I'm still laughing.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I'm laughing the hardest at you getting mocked by Jon Acuff after falling into a random guy's lap. So funny...and so what I'd expect - him mocking, not you falling. I don't really know you that well yet. :)

Candy said...

Green. With. Envy.

Did you ever find out who the "relevant looking guy" was?

What a trip. Can't wait for the next post.

Stephanie Wetzel said...

Very thorough. And I'm glad you clarified in the comments about the butt-buffing.

Did anyone else notice that katdish refers to Jon Acuff as "Jon Acuff" every time she mentions him? Not "Jon" or "Acuff" or "Unibrow."


And since I need a better mental picture of you falling (did you mention face-first, cuz you told me face-first?) in that guy's lap, how exactly could you tell he was relevant?

WV: unfachia
Singular of Spanish unos fachias

♥ Kathy said...

Nice :) lol I probably would have fallen under the seats.

Beth said...

I would leave a better comment but my husband is making me butcher a song right now against my will...

After watching my kids PLUS another kid ALL day until almost 8 tonight.

But I'm super excited that Jon, in fact, DID wear the red vest.

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of Jon. I think we should hound him until he uses it!

This had to have been a blast!

mandy said...

Sounds like I need to find out who Jon Acuff is.

Stacy from Louisville said...