Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Little Old Man from Sydney

Hey ya'll!

I was going to post something ridiculous, but I have to go paint some stripes on a wall today, and I thought this was infinitely more encouraging than a book review of "Letters from a Nut" by Ted L. Nancy. I promise to get to that soon enough. For now, hop on over to "Fellowship of the Traveling Smartypants" and check out this:


Peace out, homeys.


Beth said...

Have fun painting stripes. I hope to do all the things I didn't do yesterday cuz I felt yuck-o.

Wasn't this video amazing?? Is Ryan really an 18 year old college student who hangs out on blogs with crazy church ladies (Okay, Jeff, you aren't a church lady.)? I'm beginning to wonder what his family thinks about this...we may be a bad influence.

(Sorry, Ryan. You are just wise and sarcastic beyond your years!!)

Helen said...

Yeah, have a great day, Katdish.
Ryan really is something, isn't he? I have to question the whole teen stereotype in my head. Ryan is a thoughtful, down to earth teen. My cousins have young uns who are down to earth teens. Perhaps media have given teens a bad rap. You know, like they do us Christians. Highlight the ones who make you shake your head and say "whuh?" and ignore the ones who contribute great things to the world.