Thursday, August 28, 2008

Note to Self: Write a blog post

I've been taking a self-imposed hiatus from blogging. I didn't make a conscience decision not to blog. But as the summer started coming to an end, I realized that I needed to spend some time doing several things around the house I have been putting off. Case in point: Two weeks before my kids went back to school, I happened to notice that their backpacks were still hanging on their hooks in the mud room stuffed with the papers they brought home on the last day of school of the PREVIOUS school year.

Clearly I am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to things I deem unpleasant such as organization and filing of paperwork. Not that I'm opposed to the idea. Quite the opposite. The IDEA of being organized and having a place for everything and everything in its place is incredibly appealing to me. I just have a hard time making the jump from wanting it to doing it.

As tempting as it seems at times, I cannot blame all of my shortcomings on the fact that I have ADD. The whole organization thing is definitely associated with it, but I can't throw my hands in the air and say "It's not my fault, I'm ADD!" Well, actually I could, but if I did, my house would be a total pigsty and I would never have anyone over. Plus, I don't want my kids to think it's okay not to take care of their things.

So, in the past few weeks, I've reorganized my kitchen cabinets and drawers, sorted through and given away all my kids' clothes that don't fit anymore, and completely organized my daughter's belongings. If any of you out there have a 7-10 year old girly girl, who is in to American Girl dolls, Barbies, Bratz, stuffed animals, becoming a future rock star, arts and crafts, jewelry, clothes and all things "fancy", then perhaps you may relate to what a monumental task it is to organize the totality of their possessions. Let me just say, "Pegboard is NOT just for the garage anymore!" I'll probably do a write up on my other blog about all the places I have used pegboard in my house. It is awesome. (But, once again, I digress.)

You might be saying, "Why did that take several weeks? That really doesn't sound like so much to do." I would agree with that statement if I was a normal person. If you've read this blog more than once or twice, you are aware that I am not what you might consider a "normal" person. I have a tendency to get sidetracked by my dreams of the perfect scenario for the given situation. For example: Instead of simply removing the papers from my kids' backpacks, throwing all but a few away and then rehanging the backpacks on the hooks, I decided to that I needed to make these really cool backpack clipboard hooks that I saw in a magazine. And before I did that, I had to finish painting the faux tile border on the wall that these super cool backpack clipboard hooks would go on. (This particular border has been taped and ready to be painted for approximately 6 months.)

I won't bore you with ALL the rabbit trails this particular home project took me down, but maybe this gives a clearer picture of the craziness of how my brain works. The best visual description of my thought process came from my friend Jeff (who is a tad ADD himself). Picture each one of your thoughts as random and seemingly unrelated notes jotted down on several haphazardly placed post-it notes. Some stuck on top of one another, others simply losing their stickiness and falling away, completely forgotten. Welcome to my brain.


Kris said...

i have missed your blog...i am in a desert with mine now. i guess it is just a natural part of it.

i am not add but i too have been doing the same projects you mentioned. they never seem to end. glad to see you back.


Rebecca said...

I's good to see you back! I've also been in a desert time with my blogging somewhat. The ideas are there, it's just that they are not spewing out onto my blog as easily.

Helen said...

I know what you mean. You have me now questioning if I am ADD instead of CDO. I may have misdiagnosed myself. I will have to do some research...

Anonymous said...

Ditto for me! Glad to hear you are back into the blog world. No matter how "scattered" you say you are, your projects are amazing when they are done. I still may need to have you up here in Chicago for a while to give me some ideas!

katdish said...

kris - I expect some in depth analysis of the democratic convention. I'd love to hear your take on it. For me, watching it is kinda like listening to country music. I can only bear it for so long. I'm counting on you to write something thought provoking and profound. (no pressure)

rebecca - LOVED your beautiful post and pictures the other day. And you're right, that band is awesome.

helen - I'm not a doctor, and I've never played one on tv, but the reason I like your blog so much is that you remind me of me. And I'm definately NOT OCD. I have a book around here somewhere that has a test to see if you may have ADD. I'm going to find it and post the test. If you are, don't worry -- it's a good kind of crazy. But we really need to talk about that Chuckie doll collection...

MB!!! If you've been reading my blog, how come you're just now commenting? Tam and I were just talking today about how much we missed you guys and wished you were here! But I would love to come to Chicago and help you with some projects. (Not that you need my help.) Tell Mike and the kiddos hello from us and give Justin a kiss from Rachel!

Kris said...


i am somewhat like you. it is hard to watch. i hope everyone won't drink the obama koolaid.

i did watch biden last night, i do have a few words to say about that, but it is hard to put down. i also watched hill and bill. tonight, however, i am watching mythbusters. i cannot bear to watch the heir apparent on tv. do i sound a bit hostile?


hey chicago berl's post on my blog too. i's love to catch up.