Friday, March 26, 2010

Katdishionary Part 6

Yes, boys and girls, it's time again for another installment of the never-ending fountain of blog fodder known as the Katdishionary! In case you missed the first five installments, you can find them here:

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And now, on with the Katdishionary:

Internet Tornado (pronounced in-ter-net tore-na-doe)

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Definition: Okay, I'm gonna be honest here. I have no idea what an "Internet Tornado" is. But whatever it is, apparently, I'm one of them...

Origin: A guest post I wrote for my friend Peter Pollock, Does the Cost of the Gift Matter. Peter wrote a very kind introduction where he said: "Kathy Richards AKA Katdish is one of the most powerful internet tornado’s I have ever met." So there you go...

TWSS (pronounced that's what she said)

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Definition: (Deep, breathy sigh...) Seriously - I feel sort of silly including "TWSS" in the Katdishionary, but clearly it is necessary. The other day on the twitter, @coffeewithmarty asked @helenatrandom and @weightwhat, "What does TWSS mean?" (Actually, I believe he asked @HelenatRandom and @weightwatch, but I digress). To be fair, he knew all about "that's what she said", just not the acronym.

Origin: While the origins of TWSS are unknown, the saying regained popularity on one of the best shows on television today. I speak, of course, of The Office:

Unfollow Hammer (pronounced un-fol-o ham-mer)

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Definition: Laying down the unfollow hammer is the act of unfollowing someone without mercy on the twitter. Typically those whom you have followed that have not followed you back after several weeks. (The notable exception to this rule is @badbanana, who will not follow you, but is brilliant.) There are also people on twitter that will follow you for a courtesy refollow, then dump you 24 hours later. These people are (rhymes with "koosh tags") and should have the unfollow hammer immediately slammed down upon them. You can find out when people unfollow you by signing up for (who should send me a nice fruit basket for referring all my friends to them).

Origin: My friend and sister in snark, Marni White. She completes me.

Nerdgasm (pronounced nerd-ga-zum)

Definition: when something extremely nerdy reaches epic proportions of excitement in a nerd's brain (possibly inducing drool and fanboyism).

Origin: Brian Russell created this word and used it to describe his reaction to seeing the trailer for Tron: Legacy. He also wrote a Underfold comic about it, which I can't find at he moment, but I'm sure he will link it in the comments section, won't you Brian?

Editor's Note: I would just like to point out that I am not a nerd, and I consider myself more of a freak than a geek. But for whatever reason, I seem to attract them like moths to a flame, in both the virtual and non-virtual worlds. I don't know why.


This concludes another riveting installment of the Katdishionary. Sorry/you're welcome.


Helen said...

I usually pronounce it "TWISS" in my head, but I know what I mean. Usually.

Nerdgasm was a good word. But I'd like to point out that I've been talking about footgasms for years...

Candy said...

Poor Marty. I think he thought hanging with this group was going to be a good thing.

And what Helen said. #myfeethurt

Anonymous said...

Informative as always.

Rhymes with koosh tags... boy that's a tough one, could it be toosh sags?

I always thought a nerdgasm originated with Steve Urkel... you learn something new everyday!

katdish said...

Oh, Candy! Hanging out with this group is awesome. Besides, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

L.T. Elliot said...

ROFL about the nerdgasm.

Marni said...

I'm mentioned in Katdishionary? I'm all verklempt now. Talk amongst yourselves...I'll give you a topic. The Jelly bean is neither made of jelly nor is it a bean. Discuss

Wendy said...

You know, Nutshell Mail should totally send you a fruit basket. Or a nut basket. But then, that could go a whole different direction and you'd end up with man panties. Nevermind.

bman said...

You bet your Internet Tornado buns I'll link to my Nergasm comic:

haha. You totally are an Internet Tornado. I think it means you collect and throw out links and everything by the tornado load. You're a RT Queen.

I, personally, know you're not a nerd or a geek, but I think that as a strange person, there's a kindred spirit burning inside you that sings a siren song to nerds. Sorry/you're welcome.

Also, Bridget... do you really think TGIF would've let a word like "Nerdgasm" be on family television back then?

Billy Coffey said...

Nerdgasms, footgasms, koosh tags...why do I keep stopping by here?

katdish said...

Because you recognize literary excellence, Mr. Coffey.

And you're welcome.

Maureen said...

Well that was freageeking!

Robin Arnold said...

This is the first I've heard about the follow rule stuff. I've been doing it wrong. I list follow people, does that count the same way? BTW I'm thinking of making you an Internet Tornado hat.

katdish said...

Maureen - please provide a defintion for "freageeking" for a future katdishionary post.

and Robin, I would wear an internet tornado hat with pride...

Anonymous said...

This is just a kerfuffle of awesomeness. *snicker*

Oh, and everyone that reads this and thinks, "Wow. Marty's stupid." The truth is, I'm the one that had to tell you what "SLAP" stands for.

Brock S. Henning said...

ha ha...great post for a Friday. :D

katdish said...

Nobody said you were stupid, Marty. And I still don't know what SLAP stands for.

And what does kerfuffle mean?

Ah, this series is a gold mine of useless information!

Marni said...


Sounds like a plan?
Ski Like a Pro?
Stay Loud and Prosper?
Some Lips Are Purple?
Swing Low and Proud? (Snort! I just reread that. I crack me up!)
Slither Like a Piranha?

Any of those correct?

katdish said...

Swing Low and Proud...


Anonymous said...

Brian (bman) I didn't mean he 'said' nerdgasm... just to clarify.


Snort like a pig?

Stick like a porcupine?

Stop looking at p*rn?

Sarah Salter said...

100,000 cool points to Marty for using the word "kerfuffle"! I used it in a blog post title like a year ago & nobody knew what it meant. I can't believe that I've finally met someone who knows that it means! GO MARTY!! (Although it probably classifies you as a nerd.)

Shark Bait said...

1. A kerfuffle is like a brouhaha, but with Earl Grey Tea.
2. People who say SLAP aren't cool, but people who TLAP arrrr!!!!
3. You can't unfollow be, so nah nah!!!
4. You're all insane, and trying to steal my magic bag.

♥ Kathy said...

wow..I had lots of ideas about internet tornado until I got to the comments..thanks for clearing it up for me!

Terra said...

This is most edifying indeed. Now I learned what TWSS stands for. The Office is a fav of my dh and I.

Jeanne Damoff said...

I love that you provide the pronunciation of regular words (i.e., words that have had their daily fiber [pronounced fye-burr]).

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I'm going to be writing a post on kerfuffle. It's been stuck in my head for a long time, and I just gotta get it out!


Sounds Like a Plan.

Anonymous said...

nerds will
to feed on
what they
right brain
to snack
and lap-up
with a drooling
eye rolling
lip licking

JML said...

@coffeewithMarty just used "nerdgasm" on me. well. he used the word. ANYWAYS, he explained that you taught it to him. I said, "of course she did".

and that was that :)