Friday, November 6, 2009

Twitpics, stocking stuffers and whatnot...

This week on the twitter, @redclaydiaries kept me highly entertained from NYC with both tweets and DMs, I reached and surpassed 1000 followers and publicly humiliated my dog both on my driveway and on the tweetdeck. Overall, a very good week:

Hmmmm....Just curious why tweetdeck will not allow me to remove @MarilynDoming 's butt off my Mentions column. @spam

@br8kthru You're welcome. Now go shake your moneymaker.

@redclaydiaries The mini ketchups make great stocking stuffers...( in reply to redclaydiaries @katdish Done. Packed all the mini jams that came w room service too. Wondering if they count the pillows...)

@redclaydiaries Dang. Well you can always raid the housekeeping cart for tiny shampoo. (in reply to redclaydiaries @katdish They're so mean now! They pay attention & charge me if the robe goes missing!)

@redclaydiaries Are you going to buy that robe, or did you bring an extra large suitcase?

@charliewetzel What's @redclaydiaries doing? More importantly, what is she wearing?


Oh, I'm calling this one. Yankees win the World Series. (one out away)

Now, I'm trying to watch the Yankees and write a post. Scuse me...

Hey! Somebody follow @Becks_Beer ! Okay? Good.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else. - Margaret Mead

@redclaydiaries Nekkid animals should not offend you. Animals with clothing should offend you.

@redclaydiaries I'll have you know that at last check all of my followers were wearing clothes. Well, except for the dogs and cats.

@pagan43 Oh, well now you're using math. And here I followed you...Although I could have sworn I was already following you.

@redclaydiaries Hey did you hear I have 1000 followers now? I'm breathing down your 4031 follower neck!

@pagan43 Pie? I don't want no stinkin' pie! Well, okay...what kind of pie?

@redclaydiaries So am I now "The One who must not be named?"

@makeadiff21 He's following me. Isn't that reward enough?

RT @makeadiff21: @Brian_Russell Heehee. Well, I think that @katdish should give you a reward for finding her 1000th follower :)

Follow @underfoldfred and go read The Underfold!

@Brian_Russell YAY!!!

I have 999 followers. Who will be #1000? No, not you Brittney.

@pwilson Where have you been hiding him?

@pwilson OMGoogle! I pink fuzzy heart @fakepwilson!

@Helenatrandom my frontsettes are not blogworthy.

@billycoffey Well, I'm working on that, Billy. (in reply to billycoffey@katdish Tell you what. Just have him call me)

@billycoffey Did you need his number? (in reply to billycoffey @katdish I'm gonna call George and tell him to order you a World Series ring.)

@billycoffey Yes. Mojo indeed. You're welcome, BTW.

@makeadiff21 A very fancy one apparently.


The orthodondist office has a private movie theater, built in fish tanks and is professionally decorated. This is going to be expensive.

So there you go. Also? I'm 6 followers short of 1,000 WITHOUT any auto-follow service or whatnot. What does this mean? No idea.

Quiet Dignity Just thought I would publicly humiliate my dog one more time before I say goodnight.

@weightwhat No. I don't want to see a clown stone cold sober, let alone after a few cocktails.

This is one I like to call "Quiet Dignity".

Okay. Gotta go try and get Buddy Love the wiener dog in a chicken costume. Pictures to follow...

@CandySteele Sorry. I can't help myself.

@CandySteele Your p gets stuck? TWSS.

@shrinkingcamel I'm only a part-time social media maven.

@BridgetChumbley I'm all up in subtle...

@redclaydiaries So you did not have a cone bra? Suppose now you're going to tell me you were never a pole dancer either.

@RachelleGardner Is it a Snow Day? Hey! That would make a great book title!

Yes, yes...Sorry/you're welcome.


Annie K said...

What you did to Buddy...wrong. Just wrong. (But thanks for the laugh at Buddy's expense. I'm going to go show the picture to Boz now.)

Helen said...

I love it! Hey look, a wait, it's a frankfurter with a face...nnnnnooo! It's a doggie!

Annie, are you threatening Boz with it, or just trying to make him grateful that you are his mommy?

Peter P said...

Sad week for me... missing out on the HLAC Friday roundup :-(

Oh well. I'll have to be more engaged next week.

I'm inching toward 500 followers. Also without any auto-follow or great schemes.

Congrats on being past 1000!

Anonymous said...

My kids love your dog... humiliated or not!

Heather Sunseri said...

Great tweets, and I love the chicken weiner.

Beth said...

"Quiet Dignity" made me laugh out loud. You crack me up!