Friday, October 30, 2009

Shocking but true...

I wasn't on the twitter much last week. I'm busy people! But I still managed to enrich a few lives through the power of social media.

In particular, @sarahmsalter, who has never heard of Festivus! I know what you're saying to yourselves, "That can't be!"

In the words of Elaine to Jerry, "Oh, it be..."


@BridgetChumbley Oh, right. I haven't had any gray hair since I was about 27.

@br8kthru Oh shut up. (in reply to: @Helenatrandom I know- the funny thing is I joked about her avoiding me then she never responded. I was trying to lure her out - oh well...)

@BridgetChumbley Hair day? Every day is hair day for me. Mostly ponytail hair day though...

@br8kthru Did you not see my earlier tweet Jason? Sheesh!

@sarahmsalter It's Festivus for the Rest of Us:

@sarahmsalter Oh, hold on...

Does anyone else celebrate Festivus?

RT @tremendousnews: Announcement! I now have an agent. I know. I know. His name's Doug. He's State Farm's finest.

@Helenatrandom No regrets, I'm like you. I'll forget to read it if I don't.

New rule: I'm going to actually read a post before I RT it. So if I don't RT right away, that's what I'm doing.

@PeterPollock You're welcome.

@PeterPollock SNAP OUT OF IT!

@br8kthru Why would I avoid you, Jason? I've just been a bit busy. Besides, the sweater vest is hard to miss.

Are y'all freaking kidding me with the ads in my DM column? STOP IT NOW!

RT @muchl8r: Starting a new day. This one will rock yesterday's socks off! Or else I'll be forced to stab someone!

" I know that my lack of detachable feet has never interfered with my self esteem." - @helenatrandom

What am I missing in Chicago? Besides @helenatrandom?

@pwilson You're not going up on the roof again are you? Because if you are, you'd better bring your camera.

RT @unmarketing: How to properly add a comment to a ReTweet //Hint: not like this.

RT @unmarketing: @katdish I'm putting you on probation, and this is going in your file //Read: @katdish is AWESOME

@unmarketing Just because I subscribe to your blog and follow most of your advice, does not mean you're the boss of me. Probably.

@unmarketing Says who? You're not the boss of me.

RT @unmarketing: Just saw another person add a comment to a retweet that makes it look like the originator said it. Comment before RT

@RachelleGardner Best book on writing I've ever read. Also the only book on writing I've ever read. But still...

RT @RachelleGardner: "The editor is always right." But: "No writer will take all of his or her editor's advice." ~Stephen King On Writing

@marni71 Actually, no. I wouldn't know. Snort! (in reply to: @katdish It hates me. Sigh. And I love it so. Rejection is hard, ya know?)

@PuriChristos Oh, like you wouldn't pester me anyway.

RT @PuriChristos: @katdish my net went down. Do u like my new avatar? I picked it special 4u//See? Annoying...

Follow @PuriChristos, because it's his birthday, and he's like the annoying little brother you never wanted.

"A good writer is basically a storyteller, not a scholar or redeemer of mankind." -Isaac B. Singer

RT @redclaydiaries: @billycoffey @katdish You know, I like the word "GAA." It has so many practical applications.//It really does.

RT @makeadiff21: @billycoffey You been hangin' with @katdish too long? // You say that like it's a bad thing.

RT @redclaydiaries: @billycoffey TWSS!

@billycoffey Oh, like that would ever happen. We're delightful!

@billycoffey You know me. I always go there.

RT @shrinkingcamel: Still waiting for that agent to discover your brilliant blog? //Not really, no...

As always...Sorry/you're welcome.


Wendy said...

Don't worry, Sarah. I've never heard of Festivus either. But now that I know, I'm gonna have to go buy me a pole.

Sarah Salter said...

Oh. Em. Gee. Seriously, was that really the most shocking thing you saw on Twitter this week? Well, I hope I was a source of entertainment and inspiration to all.

Janet Oberholtzer said...

Katdish, you are educating a few of us this week - I also had to google Festivus to know what it was.

Peter P said...

My week is not complete until I make your Friday post.

Thank you for completing my week.

I guess in a way You Complete Me.

I know... Shutting Up.

Helen said...

I thought I commented...Was my comment not approved? You got something against linking up Festivus with the Bible verse

"And lo, I have a painful disease in my loins." ???

Anonymous said...

You're hardly a day over 27 now... right?!

I'm with Peter, now my week is complete!

katdish said...

Oh, dear Helen. I would never not publish a comment from you. Have you been into the cooking sherry again?

jasonS said...

Too funny- I thought you were avoiding me, but I wasn't getting all my replies! I think the Devil was working a scheme. :) He's very crafty with those twitter schemes- it's a top priority right now- or so I hear.

And I just have to say, quit telling us your busy! We get it and it's okay. I give you permission to write your next twitter post without that disclaimer. And You need to give yourself permission *hushed tones* to forgive yourself.

Oh, that's some good stuff there.

Annie K said...

@Helen... Freaking Oh-Em-Gee..!

Tony C said...

One of the greatest episodes in television sitcom history.

Now let's begin with the airing of grievances...

'I got a lot problems with you people!'