Friday, October 9, 2009

Playoff Baseball, goat snuggies & Steve Harvey introduces Jesus

It has come to my attention that some folks who read my twitter updates that are NOT on twitter miss out on quite a bit. There are pictures and some pretty cool links that never get posted here. This week, I'm hoping to remedy that situation just a little bit.

Also, the twitter was frozen up for a few hours yesterday, so as a public service, I opened up my comments section for random comments not necessarily related to the content of the blog post. You know, sort of like every day around here:

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...
OMGoogle! Lots of comments must mean one thing: Twitter is frozen and we need to read blogs to avoid being productive.

I'm with you Kat. Nothing skanktacular will be worn my two girls. It's really hard to find something cute in size 10(kids) and up for certain costumes. Go ahead, look up "fairy" or "cat" for that age group on a costume site. I dare you!

My problem is that my boy and older girl want to be scary. Like disgusting-scare-neighborhood-children-scary. I had to nix the nasty zombie with bones protruding and the evil clown. Geez.

My youngest wanted to be a bat. But most of THOSE showed too much skin. For a 6 year old.

Okay, I'll go now and check on the Twitter again. Bye.

I'm really leaving.


Hey, visit my blog during the outage too!

See ya.

Are you still here?

Have I filled the entire comment page yet?


Okay. Enough of Steph's rambling. Here's the best (or not) of me on the twitter:
(And if this is your first time here, the tweets are in reverse order -- because I'm all kinds of lazy.)

Because much like twitter, it is completely random and non-sequential.

As a public service, I would like to offer the comments section of my blog when the twitter goes down (like today)

RT @noveldoctor: God teaches patience / we linger in the waiting / when Twitter freezes #haiku

Perhaps I spoke too soon...

THANK GOODNESS the twitter is working! I was actually contemplating doing something productive!

RT @HerbieGookins: @katdish Look! Snuggie telepathy with @pwilson Did he just call me a loser? //I think he did!

@HerbieGookins Yes. Was that one of your neighbors? (in reply to: @katdish Did you see the goat snuggie-type thing?)

RT @stretchmarkmama: Crafts gone bad. (ht @AlanLeonard) #hilarious //SO FUNNY!

@Helenatrandom I dunno, Helen. @RachelleGardner raises a valid point. I may need to root for a NL team. (in reply to: @katdish Okay. Now that @billycoffey has us both rooting for the Yankees, what do they win? Or is our support the prize?)

@billycoffey They don't make that much rope. (in reply to: @HeatherSunseri Give @katdish enough rope, and she'll always hang herself.)

@billycoffey And you will be nice to @RachelleGardner no matter what. Right? (in reply to: @RachelleGardner @katdish @Helenatrandom Uh-oh. I just realized the Rockies and the Yankees could be playing for the World Series.)

@HeatherSunseri Yes. That one is definitely going on the Friday update. (in reply to: RT @billycoffey: @katdish You're right. //That was too good to not retweet.)

RT @billycoffey: @katdish You're right.

@RachelleGardner Oh, yes. What happens if they meet the Yankees in the World Series? That could get ugly. (in reply to: @katdish The Colorado Rockies are worth rooting for, too! :-)

@billycoffey Oh, let's not get crazy... (in reply to: @katdish I see I'm having somewhat of a positive affect on you.)

@billycoffey And that affects me how? (in reply to: @katdish Keep in mind, however, that I just spent a month's pay on a new furnace for the house.)

@billycoffey Hmmm...... (in reply to: @katdish Well since they haven't won the World Series in nine years, I'd say you could name your price.)

@billycoffey I dunno....what's it worth to you? (in reply to: @katdish Which means that you'll be watching tonight, correct?)

@billycoffey Did I mention that the Yankees have one every game but one that I watched this year?

@br8kthru Oh, you can always complain... (in reply to: @katdish can't complain. :)

@redclaydiaries You are pure evil, Steph. (in reply to: Now @katdish Don't click on this: (Just making sure she DOES click on it)

@Doallas Doesn't exactly give you a hankerin' for a hamburger, does it?

RT @andycrash: Typos gone bad, really bad //

RT @jewda4: And how would you introduce Jesus? //I LOVE THAT VIDEO!

@Helenatrandom Unicorns? Were rainbows involved?

@br8kthru Jason - just read your comment. You are a dork.

RT @PuriChristos: @CandySteele blessing b with you. (cuz I'm not some luck believing pagan) //Ha!

I wrote an anit-obedience obedience post. Because I like to be contrary...

Okay, people, my timer says my roots now match the rest of my hair. Gotta go rinse. (No need to thank me for sharing.)

@PeterPollock It's a rare and beautiful thing, no? (in reply to: @katdish I'm beginning to understand what it's like to be you :-)

RT @HerbieGookins: RT @katdish @HerbieGookins is right.// Of course I am. //And humble to boot!

@PeterPollock See how many people are being obedient and writing a post about obedience? How's it feel to have that kind of power?

@redclaydiaries @HerbieGookins is right. Don't let you boss you around!

@VariantVal I'm good. Trying to finish a post about obedience - not my strong suit.

@PeterPollock Thanks. Just to tell you, I'm going to do a post on obedience, even though I don't want to.

Then I let them eat the cookie dough without cooking it. Don't judge me.

So, I bought the pre-cut cookie dough this weekend, planning to bake cookies for the kids.

@marni71 You prank called Sherri? That's awesome. (in reply to: @redclaydiaries @Helenatrandom @katdish In my sick stupor yesterday, I prank called Sherri. I guess I should call her back and apologize.)

Take THAT 140 character limitation!

"Your mother is acting strangely. She's on the roof barking."

So a few months later on another trip, he gets the following telegram from his wife:

next telegram, "Rover has fallen, but the vet is doing all he can." Then when I got the bad news, I would have been better prepared.

For example, the 1st telegram could have said, "Rover is acting strange, he's on the roof barking."

"The dog is dead." When he gets home, he tells his wife that bad news like that should be given in pieces to soften the blow.

Man goes away on a long term mission trip where the only form of communication is via telegraph. Receives one from his wife that simply says

@sarahmsalter @DougSpur Oh man. I have a great joke about roofs.

RT @redclaydiaries: @billycoffey U know me: a suck-up. She's letting ME guest post next Wed. Gotta keep her happy.

@buzzbyannies Right now I could trade snow and ice for muggy with a high chance of mosquitoes.

@redclaydiaries Best. Hashtag. Ever. (in reply to: @BridgetChumbley Well yes. What are YOU talking about? #innuendomongering)

@redclaydiaries Are you sure you're doing it right? The knuckle has to be placed just so. #grossconversation (in reply to: @katdish A farmer blow does me no good. Some of that stuff won't come out without a hosing. Followed by farmer blow #grossconversation)

@BridgetChumbley How about a good old fashioned farmer blow? @CandySteele swears by them.

@BridgetChumbley TALK TO THE HAND! (in reply to: @redclaydiaries Oh... @katdish made me agree with know what a bully she can be!)

@redclaydiaries TALK TO THE HAND? Wow. I'm tempted to unfollow you after that tweet.

RT @VariantVal: @katdish The grizzly is thought the plane crash was a free AUCE buffett //I was pulling for the bear.

Case in Point - Walker fighting a zombie looking plane crash survivor, when all of the sudden - Yes, people - a grizzly bear shows up.

Nothing against Chuck Norris, but Walker Texas Ranger is a horribly corny show.

Think I need to touch up my roots. Not to brag, but I'm looking pretty skunkalicious this morning.

RT @robkroese: They should just replace those stupid blowers in public restrooms with signs that say "Please wipe your hands on your pants."

@pwilson @billycoffey - Golf is men in ugly pants walking.

@Helenatrandom Why should @billycoffey do a twitter post when he's always featured on ours? He's a clever redneck.

As always - Sorry/You're welcome.


Helen said...

That video really was moving when it became clear that he was serious.

Anonymous said...

That whole Neti Pot and farmer blow convo really messed with me...the visuals were unbearable!

Heather Sunseri said...

TALK TO THE HAND - I will smile all day after reading that string of posts.

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

THANK you for giving my profundity the acclaim it deserves. Oh, and the CLOWN. I can't believe you included him. Now your own blog will give you panic attacks.

I still haven't recovered from the Twitter outage.

Gonna go practice being funny in 140 characters or less.

Annie K said...

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize? Which Chicago mafioso were out breaking legs for him.

What a crock.

Beth said...

My respect for Pete Wilson dropped about 20 points after the snuggie bashing.

But that was a really random moment that made my day anyway.

It's the little things...

And I missed the clown this week. YIKES!

jasonS said...

Ahhh, that's why that burger tasted like crap (sorry couldn't resist).

Also, my only mention this week is being called a dork. I would complain, but eh, sounds about right.

Susan Berlien (warmchocmilk) said...

I'm from MN we were so bummed. My hubby plays baseball on a town team.

Marni said...

I bought my sister's dog a Snuggie for Christmas...but I had no idea they made them for goats.

I heart I almost bought you the uterus pillow to commemorate your recent surgery, but I figured you already owned one and I didn't want to make that gift faux pas.

Thanks for reposting Steph's comment. That and the Prostitots post were the highlight of my sucky week!

Billy Coffey said...

Can you believe this is the first chance I've gotten to read this today?! I almost missed a cool Jeter picture.

Yankees win!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such articles. I like to read stories like this. By the way add some pics :)