Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keyword Searches: Whaa huh?

Well, it's that time again. And by "that time again" what I mean to say is that I've got nothing really worthy of a post, but that's never stopped me before. So there you go.

If nothing else, Google Analytics is always good for a laugh. For whatever it's worth, keyword searches about tithing, katdish, Billy Coffey and Annie K's boobs continue to top the charts. And for a person who finds emoticons incredibly annoying, I have an equally annoying amount of keyword searches pertaining to how to make annoying emoticons.

Here's some keyword searches that landed people to my blog, no doubt leaving them devastatingly disappointed and/or confused:

Chicken Searches:
  • hey look a chicken

  • katdish chicken

  • look a chicken

  • look a chicken blog

  • look there's a chicken

  • why helen not buying me a chicken

  • francis chan throw chicken

  • chicken as bait for sharks

  • chicken butt emoticon

  • chicken in every backyard

  • chicken run away picture

  • chicken snake look

  • chicken without hair

  • chickens with a red butt

  • church chicken in bucket

  • man calls women chicken

  • hey look a chicken card

  • how should chicken look when it's barbecued?

  • top ten chicken meet com.

Man Card Searches:

  • I'm gonna have to ask you for your mancard

  • mancard revoked

  • mancard

  • revoke my mancard

  • take away my mancard club

  • what does "man-card ownership" mean?

  • wife mancard

Personality trait searches:

  • annoying trending topics twitter

  • being obnoxious

  • friends think I'm obnoxious

  • is self promotion okay?

  • I'm okay with being obnoxious

And these just made me laugh or make me say, Huh?:

  • bbq pollock (ouch, Peter!)

  • gods and cats used as sharkbait

  • hey look my internet works fine

  • Jesus beach buckets

  • many canadians refer to americans as "upper mexicans"

  • na na nana na na nana na na candy

  • country folk in front porch rockers with shotguns (Billy's kinfolk, no doubt)

  • shark bait ho ha ha

  • howdy cloud

  • skymall hair laser

  • slutty rock band

So there you have it. That's not all of them, just some of my favorites. What lands people on your blog?


Anne L.B. said...

Katdish, I'm afraid to even comment, because I can't possibly say anything of interest to follow up this.

But I never did thank you for telling Billy to stop punching me, so I'll use that as an excuse to comment. He won't of course. And I'll keep reading his blog anyway. I just need to block better so I don't get the wind knocked out of me as often.

I can only imagine how many confused body builders find their way to my blog and are immediately jarred by the flowers. The other phrase which might possibly bring up my blog is "many canadians refer to americans as 'upper mexicans'" since I'm a stone's throw from the people of "eh," and have administered roadsides in Spanish more times than I can remember.

Peter P said...

Anne, You just broke the unwritten rule.

First comment belongs to me and me alone!

I'm not going to say anything else now, I'm just going to pout. :-P

Anne L.B. said...

I can live with breaking rules written and unwritten as long as you don't punch me Peter.

Wendy said...

So, do you know where I can get a Jesus beach bucket?

Shark Bait said...

And I thought I was the only person who had ever google searched for a Jesus beach bucket. (For research purposes of course.)

My all time weirdest google search that landed on my page? - "iteachcoffee"

Not even sure what that means.

The weirdest this week? -
"Hii shark!! thank you for not attacking me, even though you could!"

Jim said...

Yes, the Google Analytics "analysis" can be entertaining. I was also experimenting with Google Adwords (pay per click) for my website. Because my keywords included the word "love", you can just imagine where my ad was showing up and getting clicked. Although I received hits from many websites I'd never visit, I guess that's one way to get the message of love, grace, and forgiveness to those people who are hurting the most.

God Bless,

sherri said...

I'll admit it- I'm the one who searched for "annoying trending topics twitter" and landed here.

Billy Coffey said...

"Is self promotion okay?" Snort! I think that one was me.

Pretty sure the "country folk in front porch rockers with shotguns" was an uncle. Us Coffeys stick together, you know.

And for the record, keyword searches on my blog include "I've learned today that I don't know nothing," "barefoot clowns," and yes, "Sexy Billy Coffey cowboy pic." GAA!!

Beth said...

So why HASN'T Helen bought us all chickens??

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Some of the favorites that have brought folks to "Getting Down With Jesus":

What does God look like in Wizard of Oz?

Jay mac vanilla Jesus

Funny Jesus with bunny

God and My Little Pony

jasonS said...

Most of my keywords are fairly normal, dealing with Bible topics and questions, etc. One of the new top searches though is "heather zempel." Who is Heather Zempel and why would a search for her lead to my blog? Intriguing indeed!

♥ Kathy said...

hahaha it's crazy what brings people here isn't it? I always get a laugh :)

Marni said...

People with no life or who birthed those who birthed my kids...

Liz said...

Oh how funny! The last funny google search on my blog was, "God healed my ingrown toenail."
Yours are great. If I have a day down in the dumps, I think I will come back and read this again! And chickens never have hair! ha ha! How about I leave hear and try "Chickens with hair" as a google search...I might be right back?

Liz said...

*here* not hear!

{ jamie } said...

You so crack me up. I get people landing on my blog for boring things like "homemade aprons" -- yours are MUCH more entertaining!

Lindsey posted about your letters today! Check it out: http://landoflindsey.blogspot.com/2009/08/letters.html