Thursday, May 14, 2009

My heart goes out

Yes, my pastor and friend, the lovely and talented Jeff Hogan pretty much oozes creativity. We brainstormed the concept for this video a few years back. It was filmed at a local bagel shop owned by members of our church and starring the youth group, one of the youth sponsors (the pretty lady sitting in the corner), and Jason - smart Alec and drummer extraordinaire.

How often do we miss opportunities? Not necessarily to witness with a blanket "If you die tomorrow, do you know where you're going?", or some stupid, obnoxious tract used in lieu of actually having to speak to someone. I mean, how often do we miss the chance to just share the joy and peace that enters our lives when we surrender to Jesus? If you're like me, not often enough...

My Heart Goes Out (Warren Barfield)
She sat a table away
Staring into space in her own little world
And I saw a tear in her eye
Like a window to the mind of a frightened little girl

She never said a word
But I know I clearly heard
A cry for help
And I wanted to answer
I wanted to tell her

My heart goes out to you
You don't even know me
You don't even know
Oh, my heart goes out to you
And I don't know what else to do
To reach you now, my heart goes out

But I'm still glued to my chair
She's unaware, there's little time
And though my intentions are good
If I'm misunderstood, the price could be high

I can't fix whatever's wrong
But if I fail to pass along
Someone cares
Price couldn't be greater
And this can't wait till later

My heart goes out to you
You don't even know me
You don't even know
And my heart goes out to you
And I don't know what else to do
To reach you now, my heart goes out, yeah

For God has loved the world so much
He send His only son from heaven to earth
Well, there's a distance love covered
She's just a table over
All she needs is a shoulder

My heart goes out to you
You don't even know me
You don't even know
Oh, my heart goes out
Lord, help me do what I can do
To reach her, to reach her

Oh, my heart goes out to you
You don't even know me
You don't even know
Oh, my heart goes out to you
Let me do what I can do to reach you now
My heart goes out, yeah


jasonS said...

That was great! I think that's always the fight to remind myself and remind others that it's really simple- it's caring, taking a minute, being observant. You don't have to be a theologian or great Jesus name, Amen (I skipped the rest of the sermon and closed with a prayer- yes, you're welcome).

sherri said...

I've never been a "door knocker" or track giver, I'm more of a "friend" to the friendless type. Everyday brings me new opportunities to be there in different ways to all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. Love em, lead em and try to walk a mile in their stilettos, I mean shoes.

Enjoyed the video.

Beth said...

So how many good videos does Jeff have? Can you buy them all for one low, low price? :)

Guess who I got to witness to own daughter! In the car, after pre-school, she asked..."Why did Jesus have to die?" So I explained as best I could to an almost 5 year old the whole deal. Her response? "I think I want to do that." I asked if she wanted to pray with me when we got home. She said..."No, I don't want to do ALL that (haha, I probably explained too much), but I do want to thank Jesus for dying for me." And she did. At lunch. And before bed. She thought about it in her little heart and head the WHOLE day. I know she's still tiny and doesn't get the whole picture, and she didn't want to pray just to please me (I'm kind of glad about that), but WOW, how cool is it that she already knows Jesus died for HER and that he loves HER? If we all could just come to Him as a little child. Anyway, I'm super excited about the whole thing.

Billy Coffey said...

Wow, that was great. That's a talented bunch of people there. Sadly, my church could barely pull off a bake sale.

I agree with Jason and Sherri. It doesn't take much more than a shoulder to cry on and an ear to bend that brings Christ to those who would otherwise never meet Him.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

oh, I love this video - great song! Will have to show it to my video ninja.

Wish the opportunities would come more often for me - when I'm stuck in my work schedule I miss "bagel shop moments."

Warren Baldwin said...

I still think about some kids in my high school cafeteria who would eat alone. That was 33 years ago, but I still wish I had walked up to them and said, "Could I sit with you and eat?"

Marni said...

Beth! That's so awesome :-)

Loved this post Kathy!!

katdish said...

Beth - Funny you should mention that. Jeff copied a bunch of videos to a disc the other day and I'm supposed to send them to you. I need to find a couple of flamingo boxes before I make a trip to the post office.

Warren - I am still somewhat haunted by certain kids I should have reached out to but never did. I suppose I try to make up for missed opportunities these days.

Beth said...

I like how you just casually mention flamingo boxes like that's normal.

About the da (honorary) man!

Helen said...

This is a great video (and, of course, the song you chose for it).

paint buddy said...

I'm guessing that's more effective than "my big red monkey-butt heart goes out to you"...and less frightening too...

katdish said...

Tam (aka paint buddy) -

That would have been a different video shoot entirely, albeit not altogether out of the realm of consideration for C3.

They've got some seriously good monkey butt actors at the Houston Zoo. I'm not so sure Jason would have been up to witnessing to some monkeys, though...

Nick the Geek said...

Always happy to do what I'm told (That isn't what she said in my experience) so I'm leaving a comment.

I really didn't have anything to add so I'll just give you a fist bump.