Friday, May 1, 2009

I hope you have kids just like you someday

I'm not one to believe in curses, with one exception. The mother's curse of "I hope you have kids just like you someday." That one works -- in spades. I have yet to use it on my kids, but they're not teenagers yet, so it's only a matter of time.

But you know what? It's not only a curse, it's also a blessing. Because let's face it, we're not all bad. There are things about yourself that you probably really like, so having a little Mini Me running around isn't all bad. Both my kids look like me, only cuter. Much cuter. They're both a combination of personality traits from my husband and me. They have their own exclusive traits that God has given them, too.

For the longest time, I've been trying to figure out how I got such a girly girl for a daughter. Now, as she's getting older, I'm finding that she's really not that girly. She likes girly clothes and all things Hannah Montana, but she's also not afraid to get dirty and messy. She's not a priss. If you've been reading awhile, you may remember the story about the pregnant, crazy turkey with diarrhea that she wrote about in school. That was the first indication of her sense of humor - much like mine.

Still, sometimes she takes me totally off guard. We went out to dinner the other night and as usual, she was chatting up a storm. (Still can't quite figure out where that came from - but I digress.) Anyway, since this particular establishment does not provide kids menus with crayons for endless games of tic-tac-toe, she decided to play a word game with me:

"Mom. I want to play a game. I bet I can make you say brown."

"Okay. Go for it."

"What color is a tree trunk?"


"Mom, you don't have to say something like brown, just any color."

"Okay. Sienna."

"What color is the wood on this table?"


"What color is a wooden chair?"


"What color are the leaves on a tree?"


"Ah-ha! I made you say green!"

"You didn't say anyhing about green, you said brown."

"HA! I made you say brown!"

(That kid cracks me up. They both do, actually.)

If you have kids, how are they like you? Or how are you like your mom or dad?


Annie K said...

My dad calls Kenz 'Annie intensified.' (And yes, my mom used the phrase 'I hope you have a kid just like you.') She's mortified by that.

jasonS said...

My mom didn't say that, but my son Noah is just like me (which often drives me crazy). He used to tell people he looked like his mom, but he acts like his dad. Sometimes that got a little embarassing based on the day!

Being a dad is awesome though. I do have to say that. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

sherri said...

Only my middle son is like me (the cagefighter/photographer).
He's creative, loves to be around people, is always laughing and talks CONSTANTLY and is very HIGH STRUNG! He is very passionate about anything he does.

The other two are laid back, easy going ,quiet , kind of shy and great listeners like their father.

Candy said...

I, too, have become my mother. And my daughter has become me. Which means my daughter has become her grandmother. That ole apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

A friend once said "Luke is exactly like Ron. Well, Ron, standing on a box."


JML said...

Not quite having a brood of my own at the moment, I just do everything I can to make other peoples' kids act like me. It's wonderful. . . until one of them gets sent home from school for threatening another kid. Oops! Also, I'm nothing like my parents. I think I was a feral child they took home with them because I don't even think we have any similar genetics, either.

Billy Coffey said...

Wow, your daughter is devious. She'll make a good lawyer someday.

So far, only my good traits have shown up in my kids. My daughter is never without a notebook and pencil, and my son can already hit better than David Ortiz (of course, that's not saying much).

I am a little nervous of the teenage years, though. That's when I broke bad. Fortunately, I'm attempting to stunt their growth by providing them a constant supply of coffee and cigarettes.

Helen said...

That joke is HYSterical! I loved it! I always favored the kids who could make me laugh. And the quiet ones. And heck, I was a sappy teacher who loved them all....

Michelle said...

I do not have kids, I just wanted to come by your blog and introduce myself. I think your very funny and I seem to see you commenting all over the internets!!

SO, hi I am MIchelle!! Nice to meet you!!!

Candy said...


Run. Away. Fast.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

katdish said...

Candy - Don't you have obscene amounts of Chex mix to make?

Michelle- Welcome! My blog is just like Sherri's, only completely different.

(mwha ha ha!)

Stephanie Wetzel said...

My oldest and youngest are just like me. My middle child is like my mom. In my case, I do fine with the kids like me. They're just as rebellious and sneaky and noncompliant as I am, so they never baffle me.

The one like my mom...

She confuses me every day. Fortunately, she's also like her dad. He 'gets' her, so I go to him for advice on dealing with her serious and responsible and literal nature.

Peter P said...


Shark Bait said...

All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his.
Oscar Wilde

PPBottle said...

You mean there's more than one Katdish in the world?

Christy said...

Both my kids are hams like their mom. They like making people laugh and they're pretty darn good at it.

Nick the Geek said...

I love that joke. My kids aren't old enough to appreciate it but they are too old to get them to put their tongue on a 9 volt ... well two of them are. Right now my oldest is in the knock knock stage ... but not quite able to really get it.

Anonymous said...

My Dad and I spent 25 years butting heads, because I'm so much like him, yet I look like my mother.

All my kids look like me, (but cute) and my middle son is my emotional mini-me.

Anonymous said...

Haha I love that word game.

Beth said...

Oh the fun and hilarity I missed....and Frank commented on your blog TWICE!

I look like my dad more, but have a very similar personality to my Mom, which is a little scary but also excellent.

My kids all look like Frank more than me (hooray!), but seem to be a nice mix of our crazy in personality. But they are all still a little young to really tell...

I did, however have a chance to read a story written by Frank in the third grade last time we were at his parent's house. It sounded EXACTLY the way my daughter speaks and I was a little weirded out.

Travis said...

What I've discovered about your blog is that the comments are as bizarre as your posts...

This might be fun!

katdish said...


It's a niche market, to be sure. But I think I've cornered the market on random, obscure comments that often have nothing to do with the post. This isn't even the best example. It get much better/worse.

Joanne Sher said...

My kids are both like me in different ways. In fact, I was just talking to my husband last night I think - saying that the more I think about my son's actions (he's mildly autistic), the more I wonder if I'm autistic too ;)

And yeah, they've picked up a lot of the nasty habits too!