Saturday, March 21, 2009

Super Skanktacular Saturday Giveaway - Week 2

A big thanks to all who participated in the first ever Super Skanktacular Saturday Giveaway. Congratulations, Erin!

Now on to Week Two: "Slutty Girlz Rock Band":

Before I introduce the next group, I feel I need to make a disclaimer. The featured doll in this collection represents a young woman who has had her share of problems. As a matter of fact, her life is a bit of a train wreck. Her personal and legal problems did not factor into my selection of her. I really don't like to kick someone when they're down. That being said, I think it is safe to say that sober or otherwise, for me, she definitely falls into the category of "Skanktacular".

That's right, peeps! For your winning entry, not only will you receive Grammy award winning singer of "Rehab" Miss Amy Winehouse, but also:

Two additional vixens with guitars, a stage, 2 mic stands w/mics, 2 speakers,
Creepy wanna-be singer/song writer/roadie with keyboard,
Three working Bratz Rock Angelz mini CDs, and
A only slightly dog-chewed microphone, doll stand, and of course, extra feet!
Needles to say, this particular grouping is quite Skankerriffic! Deadline is next Saturday at 9:00 AM Central time. Enter early, enter often!


nikkismikki said...

Haha! They just keep coming! How many of these dolls did your daughter have anyway?! Although, the more I think about it, you cant just have one "Skantacular" doll, if you must have any at all...

Wendy said...

I have to say that I'm a bit concerned about the guy in the belly shirt... Is he just a little too "fabulous"? Is it just me, or does he make anyone else's gaydar go off?

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Wendy, I noticed Belly Shirt Guy too and wondered the same thing.

And no, I don't want to enter to win. I've got 2 little girls in my house who love their Barbies. Don't want to introduce Amy and her ilk into their wholesome Barbie community.

(as wholesome as a community of naked Barbies can be, I guess.)

Justin said...

Awe. Poor Amy Winehouse.
That doll does look creepily similar to her though.

the belly-shirt? puh-leaze.

Annie K said...

I just want to know whose buying your kid this stuff.

katdish said...

nikkismikki - You are correct. They tend to travel in packs of 2 or more.

Wendy/Steph - no comment.

Justin - If that's your entry, you're going to have to do better than that! At the very least, you could use the stage as a visual aid to plan your next worship set.
(Did I mention you can plug an iPod into the back?)

Annie - A couple of Christmases (sp?) ago, my sister asked if she could buy Rachel a Cabbage Patch Girls Rock Band stage with dolls. The store was sold out, and she thought this was a viable alternative. Needless to say, at kids' birthdays and Christmas time, I'm always holding my breath waiting to see what's next.

Annie K said...

Kat, it doesn't sound like you're ever disappointed. Per se.

sherri said...


Well, I don't want to enter to win the skanktackular dolls, but....



*Please email me your mailing address so I can send you your silly award!


Beth said...

I think Amy Winehouse stole my checken legs! They just need to be 8 shades whiter...

Beth said...

And I think Frank needs a new look.
He's way too normal looking for a worship leader.

Belly shirt...soul patch...sun glasses...that's it!

(This is NOT a submission for the contest. Repeat, this is NOT a submission for the contest.)

katdish said...

Beth -

Thank you for your entry into the contest. You are the clear cut winner so far!

Beth said...


I will refuse delivery or have them returned to sender. Or send them to Pete Wilson in your name.

P.S. checken is Hoosier for chicken.