Friday, March 20, 2009

HLAC: An equal opportunity offender

Last week, when I posted The ABC's of crap in my purse, I promised a non-girly post containing fart humor and/or gratuitous violence. A promise is a promise. For your viewing pleasure, I give you Gas Right Strips:

and Ren and Stimpy:

You're welcome.

Contest deadline for Super Skanktacular Saturday Giveaway - Week One is tomorrow at 9:00 AM central time. Later that day, the winner will be revealed and a new group of saucy plastic wenches will be introduced. I have disqualified Stacy from Louisville because she would only give them away on her blog. I do, however have a very nice alternative item that I would be willing to donate for one of her fabulous giveaways. Details tomorrow...


Nick the Geek said...

You knwo how some commercials on Saturday night live are really gross and you are glad they are not a real product like the edible diapers? My wife did not feel that way about this products. I'm just sayin'.

Word Verification: imakente

Line from Roots.

sherri said...

I didn't watch the videos, cause you know how I am about fart humor- after raising 3 sons- it's just not that funny anymore. And what would I do with 3 wenches? Give them to my grown sons? I've been praying that sleezy wenches stay away from my boys!

Beth said...

Okay...I try not to stoop to fart humor. But when I saw this on SNL when it first "aired," I was cracking up.

I'm with Nick's wife. This could be a real product.

Annie K said...

Ok, I saw the new Dora the Explorer and I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. She looks like a little tween and not in a sleezy way (like the stuff Kat buys for her kid. sheesh...)

Oh, I guess that was a little off topic.

Helen said...

If the fact that I grew up Barbie deprived does not move the judges heart in my direction, I don't know what will!

I just love the fact that the last video was done with Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5 in the background. That tune always makes me think of trying to get somewhere quickly when traffic is moving slowly on the Kennedy. As a matter of fact, I used to have Brahms Hungarian Dances in my tape player in the car to play for just such occasions, but it broke.

jasonS said...

That was quite hilarious! Thanks for remembering us guys. Happy Friday to you!

wv: prograng- the opposite of antigrang

Tony C said...

Awesome! Fart jokes and violence...why would I go to any other blog?

Katdish for President!

katdish said...

"Katdish for President"

Slogan: Yeah, like I need your support. has a nice ring to it.

Be afraid VERY afraid!