Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flippin' Sweet!

First things first: Do you know what happened on this day in history, February 10, 1996? If you're a big chess fan then
a) you probably wouldn't be reading this blog, and
b) you would know that IBM's Deep Blue defeated chess champion Gary Kasparov.

But another very important, life changing event happened on this date. I married the love of my life. I know people always say stuff like this, but I mean it when I say that I don't know where I would be without him. Or maybe I do and I just don't want to think about something so depressing. Without him, I doubt that I would have stepped through the doors of a church again. Can you imagine how completely unbearable I would be if I didn't have a relationship with Jesus? For this reason and countless others, I am quite literally eternally grateful for my husband. I love you, dear. This is for you:

Okay, so I realize that it's almost Valentine's Day and whatnot, but I just now figured out how to make a movie with my very favorite Christmas gift, my new flip video camera! I'd never even heard of it before I opened it on Christmas eve. Here are three movies I've just created. George Lucas, eat your heart out!

Here's me opening another one of my favorite gifts. And yes, my family IS that loud and obnoxious all of the time, so I come by it naturally.

(My son can barely contain his excitement at the thought of his mom taking over the Wii. And yes, those are the infamous plumber's crack jeans.)

Now, here's a gift for my son from Grampa (thanks, Dad):

And because I'm a proud mama, here's my son Cameron knocking the snot out of a golf ball:

Yeah, he's 11 years old, and he's a REALLY good golfer. How far does he drive the ball? Consistently over 200 yards. (I know, I know...I'm bragging.) But still, pretty cool, huh?


Ryan B said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. But I bet if Bobby Fischer was still around he would be able to take out that sucker computer.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Congratulations on your 'versary and for posting yourself in PC jeans! Hubby apparently fell in love with your humility, too :)

And now I know who hit that golf ball through my window.

sherri said...

I love these videos and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! (plumber's crack and all!)

Kat I have written my love post for Big Al to put up on Friday, and this Allison Krauss Video was THE SAME ONE I CHOSE FOR HIM! I love everything the woman sings, and he hardly speaks, so it was a perfect choice!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

And yes, that is pretty awesome about your son- BRAG AWAY! That's what mama's are for!

Mylestones said...

Happy anniversary! And congrats on figuring out your video camera so you could share a random assortment of life with us. :-) And even If your career as a film producer doesn't pan out, it's nice to know you'll be able to fall back on your son's pro golfing skillz.
I haven't been reading long enough to know the back story on the plumber jeans. But I'm sure it's a good one! :-)

♥ Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary! And I agree...that HAS to be the most annoying toy ever lol

Helen said...

Sherri is right, you are beautiful. I loved the sound of your family's laughter.....but then remember, I scare small children when I laugh, so what do I know..

Happy Anniversary.

Nick the Geek said...

Congrats on your anniversary. You got married the year I graduated HS. I'm just saying.

Oh and ppl can be aware of Big Blue and not be a chess fan. Geeks such as myself are down with chess master thumping computers.

Tony C said...

Happy Anniversary and I wish you many more!

I still think Mr. Spock could beat that stinkin' computer in chess.

Beth said...

1. Napoleon Dynamite rules.

2. Happy Anniversary! Very few people in Indiana gets married in Feb. Not very romantic weather 'round here...where's the video of Ron? He's like the mysterious faceless man.

3. How awesome are your kids?? If I ever meet them they will be all freaked by this strange lady who's trying to hug them...

4. I need a video camera like this. Okay, maybe not need...but want. Then I wouldn't have to depend on Frank's techie skills so much.

5. My Mommy-in-law got similar noisy and annoying gifts for my kids...from CVS no less. The sound broke on the chihuahua that sings Feliz Navidad and now it's just scary. I mean nightmare scary.

6. Too much coffee this morning.

katdish said...

Thanks, Ryan. And thanks for not pointing out how young you were when I got married (unlike some people).

Candy - growing up with my sisters and brother was a humbling experience (and not always in a good way).

Sherri - thanks, girl. I wonder if our hubbys are naturally quiet or they've just given up hope of ever getting a word in edgewise.

Mylestones - Hey there! Welcome to the darkside! (mwhahaha!) Here's the plumber's crack back story

Kathy - Ya know, I would be happy to drive a few miles west and give you that toy to enjoy with your family...just sayin'.

Helen - you would fit right in with my family. We often collectively scare small children (and animals).

Nick - You really are a geek. Are you a musician?

Tony - ditto my comment to Nick, but I already know you're a musician. Well, you're a drummer...at least you hang out with musicians. HA! Just kidding, and I'm sure you haven't heard THAT joke before! Also, I want you to know that there is help for people like you and Nick.

Beth - my kids would love you. Yes, they would love the one that's all about skills... bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills...

Nick the Geek said...

hmm, not a musician, but I'm learning the guitar. Much harder than it looks.

Spock v. Big Blue.

Spock: I just cannot comprehend that move, it is highly illogical.

Bones: It's a computer that functions solely on logic, how can it be illogical?

Big Blue: beep

Spock: Don't you see? The computer could not possibly win and so the only way for it to win is to not play at all.

Big Blue: (beeping quickens)

Bones: Darn you and your logical green blood. Can't you see that the computer has no choice but to play? That's what it is programmed to do, so just move already.

Spock: So the computer based entirely on logic is programed to be illogical? Must have been programed by humans to be so illogical.

Bones: Well we can't all be ask colds as ... does anyone else smell smoke.

Big Blue: (beeping slows and stops)

Spock: It appears to have short circuited it's logic circuit.

Jim: Well, I guess you win by default. That was your plan all along wasn't it old friend.

Spock: Indeed it was captain.

Now how's that for geek?

{ jamie } said...

♥♥♥ Happy Anniversary! ♥♥♥

jasonS said...

Happy anniversary! And you're right, we are all thankful that you have Jesus. Have a great day!

wv: outdoc- when two doctors get in a medical prowess contest and try to tell the best story- they look to outdoc the other.

Stacey said...

Happy Anniversary!

(Way to give the middle finger to Valentine's Day!)

Christine said...

I sooo want to play American Idol with you. (And I'd like to hear Ron knock out a few tunes, also!) Last time I played, I impressed Simon...made it to Hollywood and all :)

See, I knew I should have been a rock star instead of a geek. Now there's a way to be both. Good gifting job, Ron!

But you're on your own with the plumber crack jeans. I'm not going there!

Mare said...

ahhh! what a cute family...

Steph @ Red Clay Diaries said...

I'm so late on this, but I have to comment...

Just one question:

Are you sure your dad's not mad at you or something?

Oh! And Happy Anniversary!

Kris said...

so happy for you guys...i love the little video's. my new camera has video capabilities....i wonder....

anyway...i have an even more obnoxious Christmas gift that makes an appearance every year. it is 2 frogs, that sway and sing Christmas carols to one another in harmony (but they are croaking)