Monday, January 19, 2009

Ann and Nancy Wilson - let me explain...

Since I have begun a self-imposed moratorium from my computer on Sundays and Wednesday, but still have access to my email and GMail via by blackberry, I was able to read, but not respond to all the comments on my SARCASTIC post about Ann and Nancy Wilson. For those of you who haven't noticed, some people might say that my writing can sometimes be a tad "ironic". (You know, like some people might say David Duke is a tad "racist".)

For the record, I want to be clear: I think Ann and Nancy Wilson are awesome with a capital "Awwwwee". I was just being silly. Furthermore, Nancy might just be the coolest guitar playing chick ever. (Save for Bonnie Raitt - she holds that title, for me, anyway). Oh, and Carol. Carol is way cool...

In an effort to redeem myself, I present the Wilson sisters in a recent concert Seattle, Washington. Anyone who can still belt out "Crazy on You" whist carrying their AARP membership in their back pocket gets HUGE props from me. I don't know many vocalists in their 20's that could pull that song off. Long live the Wilson sisters!

In a word: Amazing. (Truly, I am not worthy.)


Anonymous said...

On the bright side, look at all the first time commentors you got for that post :-)
Not Bob

katdish said...

Good point, Not Bob!

Mare said...

I didn't know who they were until the "crazy on you" reference. just sayin.

sherri said...

I have an old tape of HEART that I still play on a cassett player.

"All I want to do is make love to you" is my favorite song on there! (It's Okay, it's legal- I'm a married woman, and I'm thinking of Big AL)

I love that raspy lead voice!

Annie K said...

My best friend in high school was Nancy. I was Anne. I had all of the Heart 'casssssettes'. Give us a hair brush and a mirror and we were unstoppable.

wv: loryon
The British version of 'carry on'.

Andrea Gonzales said...

I know there are a lot of people who have either forgotten, or aren't aware of who Heart is. It's never too late to discover them and I wouldn't start with All I Wanna Do. ;)

If you really want the best experience, start where it all started and go pick up the Dreamboat Annie album. Then pick up the Legendary Live series DVD for Dreamboat Annie that was recorded in L.A. in April 07. I was there and it was amazing.

No woman in rock and roll can sing like Ann Wilson. Period. And Nancy's one of the best female players out there...and in my opinion one of the best players period, without consideration of gender. She has her own style and it's as big a part of Heart's music as Ann's amazing voice.

Yeah, I'm a Heart fan from way back. Thanks for the clarification on your earlier post by the way. LOL

Take Heart,