Saturday, December 20, 2008

Henri the Cat

God's timing is pretty amazing. I was feeling a wee bit self-righteous yesterday. Then I got this link via an email from my friend Helen. Yes. I was convicted by a cat video. I'm grateful that I have friends and family that love me enough to tell me when I'm being a jerk, and a God who knows what a jerk I am but still loves me enough to sacrifice His Son so that I might live. So this is for them. And a very big thanks to Helen, who is awesome.

Incidentally, there is a disturbingly high number of cat videos on youtube...


Beth said...

Okay...i must have missed you being a jerk....??
But I'm a jerk a lot in my own

Anyway, this video was kind of depressing me. I want to give kitty a hug. But I also have been up most of the night with the baby, so my perspective on things is a little off until I drink my 3rd cup of coffee.

Pete Wilson said...

Isn't it funny how God can use the most insignificant of things to speak to use.

Only an amazing God that cares so deeply would go to those kind of extremes.

Sherri said...

Katdish, did you notice Pete's typo?

NOW do you see why I feel so connected?

katdish said...

Pete?.......Wilson? is it? (Sorry. I really am incorrigible.) I totally agree. God's so cool like that.


I don't see a typo in Pete's comment. Perhaps he's spelling something correctly that you have been spelling wrong. I'm just saying...

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

typo: "speak to use" (instead of "us")

Nothing personal, Pete. Just an incorrigible editor here.

I loved the cat one. Didn't quite get it, and for the first time since I've KNOWN you, I didn't have the same reaction. But maybe that's cuz *I* wasn't being such a jerk. ;)

"the monkey mocks me with every flip" - BWAHAHAHAH!

wv: fervansi
How Sherri spells fervency

Sherri said...

Take the weekend off from all the harassin' will ya'?



vw: clumse

My fingers are clumse on the keyboard, and it makes the editor types and rude people harass me!

helen said...

Katdish, I did not send you the video to accuse you of being a jerk. I thought you would appreciate the anthropomorphism because of your Buddy post a few weeks ago. I thought you would think a cat that speaks french and thinks he is suffering when he steps on a spider was funny. There were no accusations meant. I am sorry if you thought I was calling you a jerk. I wasn't. Love, Helen

katdish said...

Helen - Heck no! I never thought YOU were calling me a jerk, only that the Holy Spirit was convicting me through Henri. If I ever did something "jerky" to you, I'd have a pretty hard time dealing with that.

Steph - "speak to use" is a new, relevant Christian catch phrase. I'm surprised you haven't heard it before.

I'm off the be inspired by "A Very Smurfy Christmas".

katdish said...

Oh, btw. I've updated my blogroll, and to be honest, eating crow isn't half bad if you season it right.

Mare said...

Quick Sherri!!

Typo in Katdish comment that is mocking you. Strike now!

Sherri said...

What's "I'm off the be inspired...
supposed to mean?

(Thank you Mare).

How does crow taste?

Maybe Helen could put together great recipes for seasoned crow on her cooking site. I'm sure we'll all need it at one time or another.

veri word: ablean

This ablean exerciser is not working! My abs are still NOT lean. Must be all that crow I've been eatin' lately!

katdish said...

Okay, first of all...

When I make a typo or grammatical error, it is only in an attempt to be ironic or to make Sherri feel better.

and Mare, don't be taking up for Sherri, she's a big girl...(oh, wait. Nevermind.)

Sherri said...

Now Katdish, before the days over, your gonna' need to be eatin' more crow!

I am a big girl! I am!

Don't make me call my momma!

Mare said...

She has my cookies...what do you expect?!

sherri said...

Yeah , Mare knows whose takin' care of her!

I just thought of this....

WHy were you never impressed when I sent you a personal email?
or added you to my blogroll?

You never made a post around my great influence on your site.

I've also given you shout outs on my blog! What if those massive numbers who have visited your site recently came from MY VISITORS and not Sir Jon's at SCL?

You have no idea how many visitors I get a day, that's personal. Only my profile view is set to public, and that's different numbers.

Just 'cause you've never heard of me before, How do you know I'm not really something Big? (you know, for a little person).

I'm just sayin'...

"Sherri" is my pen name so everyone won't know my true identity!

katdish said...

Oprah?....Is that you? You know your lawyers told you not to be hasslin' me no more!

Helen said...

Katdish, that was too funny!
All of you gals have made me feel important, even though I am no Pete or Oprah. Thank you.
wv calmo The state of being super calm in Nigeria (am I right Mare?)