Friday, December 19, 2008

Contest Extended! Contest Extended!*

*It's Friday. I have approximately one (1) ornament on my Christmas tree, and I really don't have anything to ramble on incessantly about.

But I do have a couple of things to share with you. First off, Stacy from Louisville is guest blogging on SCL today. Funny stuff. Check it out. Her Women's Ministry Christmas Tea post reminded me (don't ask me why, that's just how my brain works) of one of my all time favorite "Designing Women" episodes:

Berniece just cracks me up! My mother-in-law's name is also Berniece. She's kind of like that character, only completely different. (Actually, I'm looking forward to my twilight years so I can wear a bedazzled Christmas tree skirt and embarrass my children. -- Cuz I NEVER do that now!)

Also, you may have noticed that a have a new blog on my sidebar, "Blogs I'm Diggin' the Most". Why, pray tell, did I add a new entry? Because a certain Wax-free mega pastor sent me a personal e-mail asking if I would like to "exchange links" on each other's blogs. I was understandably impressed. That is, until I clicked on his blog roll and discovered that I would be the 947th person listed on his blog roll. But whatever, like they say on the red carpet at the Oscars, "It's just an honor to be nominated." (snort!)

And speaking of mega pastors, If anyone could cajole a certain Tim Keller to comment on my blog, I would be all a-quiver! He's pretty much a rock star in my book. And I'm sure he would appreciate the fact that I've probably violated about 300 copyright infringement laws by quoting from his book so much.

That's all for now. I gotta go decorate my lonely little Christmas tree. And perhaps I'll leave some deep, philosophical words of wisdom on your blogs. (Your welcome.)


Helen said...

Katdish, make that 948. I, too, find it an honor just to be nominated...And he is up on my blogroll now. I may as well give him a chance.
I am kind of bummed out about the contest extension. I was pretty sure the nativity sets would win out on weirdness (geese and a rubber ducky!), but by extending the contest, you are giving people a chance to edge me out. Meanwhile, I am still recovering from Mother Goose and Garfield Goose representing Mary and Joseph, and Huey, Duey, or Luey representing the Christ Child. In order to save my sanity, I must stop....okay, maybe I'll resume my search after 10 p.m.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

For Funny, I nominate I find her hilarious. But maybe it's just me. (And by extension, you too, Katdish.)

a word to describe the most italic-y italics in a set.
"Personally, I prefer the Arial font over Times New Roman and Comic Sans Serif because Arial's italics are the italst."

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Oh, and I was feelin' like such a rock star getting on Pete's blogroll...til it took me a day and a half to find me there!

My daughter was trying to figure out a name for her blog and when I told her about yours she laughed hysterically. It is SO her. She'll have to go another route. It will no doubt be a circuitous one.

Your presence on SCL today is sheer perfection.

Beth said...

I nominate this blog for a blog that is the most like your blog but completely different. I'm wondering...who copied off who? Or is there a greater common denominator with the phrase, "Hey look, a chicken!" that I'm not aware of?

I found this completely by accident the other day when I tried to find your blog, by the way. Not trying to be a pest.

katdish said...

Candace - is available. (Or she can do some version of her name with


DUDE! I've totally been lurking that chick's blog! She's a riot! Although she's a bit more pg-13 than me. I wonder how many people have gone to her site thinking it was me or vice-versa. Small world, huh?

Beth said...

So is it a complete coincidence? If so, that freaks me out.

katdish said...

Freak on, my friend...freak on!

There is a t-shirt that says: "People say I have ADD. They just don't understand...Hey look a chicken!"

That's where we both got it from. But I don't know her from Adam. And personality wise, she is very much like me. Between finding her blog and the whole Steph/Katdish time/space continuum thing, I'M starting to freak myself out!

And hey Brad Ruggles! How come you won't comment on MY BLOG!?! Hmmm......? Since you commented on Sherri's blog and Jeff's blog, you obviously stopped here first! Is "Hey Look a Chicken" not cerebral enough for you?!?

(just kidding) I've been on perma-hold with the Snuggie people and I'm just venting a bit. Feel free to get your Lurk on!

P. S. - Ya'll go check out Jeff's blog. I think he's fixin' to do a personality profile quiz. Can you guess what I am? (rhymes with "Penguin")

Mare said...

Wait, wait, does one ornament happen? Did you get tired? Weren't feeling creative? Forgot where you set the rest of them down?

katdish said...


While all those scenarios could have easily been played out, the lone ornament on the tree was a gift from Rachel's teacher for being the classroom reader this year. (I had to put it somewhere!)

Still freaking out a bit about your situation. I need to pray some more...

jamie {rose cottage} said...

I love Bernice and that show, and I love it when you leave deep, philosophical words of wisdom on my blog(s)!

Jeff said...

Beth's discovery of that other blog is positive proof of the theory of alternative dimensions. How two of you got into this one at the same time however is still a mystery...

Anyway, it's way funnier than when I found the other "Convergence" blog written by the other Jeff, who lives in a universe where, apparently, it's always raining.

sherri said...

Hey, I'm back!

Tell Steph, I'm really upset with her!

sherri Smurf said...

Congrats on the without wax nod.

Pastor Pete left a comment on my THIRD blog! Remember the twenty questions I asked after the election? (that's actually the first time we met Katdish.) I was honored and SHOCKED!(Not by meeting you, but a mega pastor commenting on my new blog)

I've visited his church a couple of times recently. He IS NOT a mega church type pator. Very down to earth, funny, humble--I love him! Big Al and I listen to his messages online all the time and are really growing in areas we didn't even know needed fixin'!

Really, you should go back to the 20 questions post and read the comments from you, Helen and Annie K. THAT was the beginning of some beautiful friendships...and the birthing of the SPOSP!!!!!

vw: mingin

Just MINGIN my name and all sorts of doors will be opened for you!

Beth said...

Yeah...I read that post Sherri, but didn't comment. See how I am! I found a blog for you and Helen, though, if you haven't already seen it! My sister suggested it to me, but it seems I've heard of it before???


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Hey! Sherri, I take umbrage at your dissing of me on this blog!

(I've always wanted to try out that word. Umbrage, umbrage, umbrage.)

I'd like to point out that after you re-asked me to comment after the EVIL Katdish disqualified us, I posted a glowing recommendation of you and your blog and everything about you.

On the first post for the contest.

Since that's how contests work.

Ya wanna participate, you don't just pick some random next post to continue the conversation.

Okay, maybe YOU do.

Anyhoo, Sherri, thx for coming by my blog. I was feeling so LONELY. Apparently my feed is whacked out. I HAVE been posting. But it's not showing up. So everyone COME VISIT!

wv: moest
"So who got the moest megapastor comments THIS week?"

Helen said...

Sherri, maybe he does check out all the blogs on his blogroll. We shall see. Either way, he still can't eat cookies with a shovel....Bernice should eat her heart out for that one ;-)

Smurfette SHerri said...

Okay, I take it all back. All the snarky remarks, ill fellings, curses I ..Oh, uh..Thank you.
I'm sorry I didn't give you enough time to shout me out!

Yeah, he's no Bernice, but he still has great value in my book!

vw: restur

"Rest ursured, I'm leavin' him on my blogroll."

sherri said...

If the contest is still on, I'd like to nominate

for both best design/layout and very funny/witty.

Brad Ruggles said...

You're so right. I've been called out. Honestly, I have stopped by here and I could have sworn I left a comment but then again, it's the week before Christmas and I'm not too sure what I do or don't do these days.

Oh, and 10 points for using "cerebral" in a comment! :-)