Friday, May 16, 2008

Top Ten Reasons not to Tithe

10. I'm trying to pay off my credit cards.
9. I'm not completely comfortable with how the church chooses to budget its funds.
8. I'm sick of hearing sermons about tithing. It's like we're being pressured into giving, and that makes me uncomforatable.
7. I tithe my time. I work in the nursery/kids church/donut committee every week.
6. I give to other charities.
5. I'm confused about whether 10% means "net" or "gross".
4. I'm unclear about how the money is spent and where the church tithes their money.
3. I'm working towards the 10%; I'll get there eventually.
2. The church needs to spend money on (insert need here) instead of wasting it on (insert unneccessary ministry here)!
1. I just don't see how giving money to church equates to giving money to God. God doesn't need my money.

Why You Should Tithe:

- It's all His anyway. It's not about you.


Ken said...

The list is so true for the way so many people think. Thanks for sharing.

Prodigal Jon said...

I just wanted to say that the comment you left on my blog about counseling on my site stuff christians like was brilliant. Simply brilliant. You might need to be my official SCL mural painter.
Loved that comment you left

JML said...

How often have I made one of those statements? It's always a sad day when you get busted! Anyways, thanks for the comment, I'm loving putting thoughts out there, but I'm still figuring this whole blog thing out so if you ever have any suggestions, I'd be happy to listen!

Lisa E said...

I LOVED your comment on the stuffchristianslike blog! I'm hapa- mom's Japanese and dad is "heinz 57" (which is his description of many white cultural groups converging together)! I laughed out loud and am still laughing now! I am a big blog reader and I occassionally respond, but some of you are definitely inspiring me to write my own! In the meantime, I'm just doing it on my myspace page for now! I'll be back to read some more!

katdish said...

lisa e - DO IT, DO IT, DO IT! I'd love to read your take on life. Not to sound all "relevant" and such, but I think the bi-racial folks have a slant (not pun intended) on life that many of our purebred friends don't grasp!

JamieLee said...

Been there, made most all of those excuses!

Kat(i)e said...

Love this list, very challenging;
Love that I found your blog by random and it's connecting me to loads of cool Christian bloggers;
Would LOVE to hear you write about ADD if you felt like sharing...?

Kat(i)e said...

Thanks for the visit! And the great words of encouragement. Too true and very valuable to be reminded of.

I found your blog on the random 'go to next blog' button. It was the first English one I got to and has proved very fruitful, be it coincidence or not - post on that coming soon..!

nobodyimportant said...

#7: No...( I think... See #4 in parentheses.)
#6: above links should answer
#4: ask them (sin born infested cruddy human answer ask Holy Ghost)
#3: 10 not required just give some cash away...above links
#2: above links
#1: were in the world not of the world AKA people in world survive by capitalism but DONT become Prosperity decievers AKA church buys and sells stuff too we need to buy wine when we run out for Euchrist and pay webhosts for the websites we make (see #4 in parentheses)