Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rob Bell/Chris Farley: Separated at Birth?

In the interest of full disclosure (whatever that means), this post is basically me repeating a comment I made on one of my favorite blogs, But since I've got nothing else in particular to write about today, and I'm kinda lazy like that, Here's my stellar observation:

Is it just me, or does watching a Rob Bell video remind anyone else of "The Chris Farley Show" of SNL fame? Here's what I mean:

Rob Bell:

Do you remember the story,

when Jesus walks up to those dudes,

and says,

"Follow me,

and I will make you fishers of men?"

and then,

the dudes, like

drop their nets,

and follow Him?...

That was awesome!

Now before anyone shoots me a comment about how Rob Bell is just the coolest, most relevant dude of the 21st century, and shame on me for making fun of him, I'm not dissing the message, just the delivery. I only say this because I once shared this observation with a youth pastor friend of mine and he looked at me like I had just said, "Jesus sucks!" And let's be honest...he does kinda talk like that! Thoughts?


Ken said...

Now I'm going ot have to go look up Rob Bell. Thanks for the comment yesterday.

katdish said...

Blogger's Note: My incredibly perceptive friend Jeff pointed out to me that Rob Bell, to the best of my knowledge, has never actually spoken these exact words in this particular order. I was just trying to make a comparison to Chris Farley based upon what Rob Bell MIGHT have said. Clearly, I don't know if he's ever said these particular words in this particular order because I have never personally met the man, and I don't watch his videos, either.

Jeff said...

Whether it's an actual quote or not- this entry is hilarious. Of course, now I can't stop thinking about Farley doing a Nooma, and I suddenly really want to hear Bell say he "lives in a van down by the river."

So, thanks for that.


JamieLee said...

I am a clueless weirdo who doesn't watch TV, so I have nothing witty to add to this post. BUT I wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog AND your murals are AWESOME!

JML said...

I don't know Rob bell. I worry when old people try to sound too much like young people. Especially when they use slang in the wrong context. It's like children learning to swear, using cuss words the wrong way. "No honey, you say...." totally kidding.

Jenn said...

I'm not sure who Rob Bell is, but I do know who Chris Farley is! That was a great post- gave me a good chuckle!

Anonymous said...

How can you crack a joke on Rob's excellent video series if you've never even met him or even watched any of them? Maybe you were just having a little fun, but it defies all logic and makes you look like a ignorant babbling fool! I need to get back to my Nooma videos, you know, something that will actually add value in my life!

katdish said...

Dear Anon,

Perhaps my follow-up comment should have been more clear. I said I have never personally met Rob Bell and don't watch his videos. While it's true I don't watch his videos on a regular basis, I have seen them. I wasn't making light of his message, only the delivery.

You may not have found it funny, but it made me and others laugh. If you think laughter does not add value to life, then I strongly disagree with you.

Bethanie said...

I love Rob Bell, but admit I will never look at him the same again! Well, shouldn't say never. This was hilarious. What a way to bridge the generation gap! RIP Chris Farley. I think he coulda used a little Jesus (and Rob Bell!)