Saturday, May 8, 2010

The obligatory weekly twitter update

Here we are again friends, My 46th twitter update. Dang, that a lot of tweets. When I first started this update, it was simply a means of gathering up a few random observations to share with my non-twitter friends. I'm not sure I was the first person to start doing this, but I've noticed some other folks outside my little circle of interweb friends have started doing their own versions, so for that I want to say sorry/you're welcome.

And now, the best of me (or not) on the twitter this week:

@llbarkat And you need to give me a link. Cuz I'm a lazy Yoda.

@llbarkat I share my superior wisdom with @billycoffey all the time. (in reply to llbarkat @billycoffey would love a tip from you (see the comment box at Green Inventions) & see if you can get @katdish to share her superior wisdom)

@llbarkat I specialize in unsolicited advice. (in reply to llbarkat @katdish I'm sure you must have a tip in there somewhere.)

"The grocery store is a black cesspool of unbridled despair." ~ Billy Coffey

@gabbysherri Night Smurfette!

@gabbysherri (shaking my head slowly in mock disapproval) Just google it. (in reply to gabbysherri @katdish-what the heck is tweetdeck?)

@gabbysherri Okay. Tell one of your sons to install tweetdeck on your computer or you'll never keep up.

Hey everyone! Follow @gabbysherri. It will freak her out.

@marni71 I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. (in reply to marni71 @gabbysherri I texted @katdish just to let her know u logged on. If she didn't faint, she'll come say hi.)

@gabbysherri SHUT. UP!!! I can't believe it!

When I finally met Mr. Right I had no idea his first name was Always ~ Rita Rudner

@redclaydiaries It's exactly like that. Or something... (in reply to redclaydiaries @katdish Eminent demise? Is that like eminent domain? Like the poo is trying to force us out of house and home?)

@duane_scott probably the Long Island iced teas. (in reply to duane_scott @CassandraFrear @katdish No, that was pretty pathetic. The poor lady. Who told her she could sing?)

@CassandraFrear Pretty sucktacular, huh?

@CassandraFrear @duane_scott This one's for you:

@duane_scott I'm laughing with you, not at you. Okay, maybe laughing at you a little bit... (in reply to duane_scott @CassandraFrear @katdish it is a talent. I can do Ice Ice Baby flawlessly. :) and a few nights ago I scored 98 on The Scientists by coldplay)

@duane_scott Is karaoke a talent? (in reply to duane_scott @katdish is Comedy. @PeterPollock is English accent. I'd have to go with karaoke. See, we all have talents! Whoop whoop.)

@redclaydiaries The random poo is a sure sign of eminent demise.

@duane_scott Comedy. (in reply to duane_scott @PeterPollock @katdish Let's put it this way. If we 3 were to have a talent show, what would you win at?)

RT @badbanana: Having a Yoplait yogurt with my lunch. Before you judge my masculinity, I'm also eating an elk head. Antlers and all.

@PRbytheBook Are you following @billycoffey yet?

RT @PRbytheBook: Authors: start early! "Begin an authentic conversation w/people interested in your topic..."

@chipmacgregor Ooo! I am an incredibly bad poet!

RT @chipmacgregor: We've started our annual Bad Poetry Contest at - drop by and participate!

So, I need to work on my new website that the lovely & talented @peterpollock is building for me but I forgot my password. #ragingADD

@llbarkat @KathleenOverby If I can influence anyone to let their inner silly out, that is a very good day.

@KathleenOverby Okay, nevermind. That post DOES sound like I could have written it. Snort!

@KathleenOverby Ghost writing? Yeah, like I'd write something w/o getting credit for it. (in reply to KathleenOverby @llbarkat you're gonna win the 31 days thingy, because you're causing a ruckus and bribing with cake. Is @katdish ghost writing for you?)

Jesus said, "Go and make disciples", not "make converts to your opinions". ~ Oswald Chambers

"Every boy wants to be found brave and every girl wants to be found lovely." ~ Jeff Hogan

RT @tremendousnews: It's Cinco de Mayo! Unless you don't have your papers in Arizona. Then it's just a Wednesday you'll never forget

Wow >RT @jeremypeterson: the future of worship???

@VariantVal Ah yes. Laugh, and the world laughs with you...Cry and you look like (expletive).

@llbarkat what do you mean,"just" me? Snort! (in reply to llbarkat @katdish I am happy to report that you and the Dalai quadrupled my blog traffic yesterday. Okay, okay, I'm sure it was just you ;-)

@buzzbyannies Happy Cinco de Birthday, Annie!

Okay. Too much technical computer stuff. I need to walk away and eat a sammich.

@lainiegallagher But I will because I love your bossy little self.

@lainiegallagher You're not the boss of me... (in reply to lainiegallagher @katdish Tell your new FB friends to be my friends, too. Do it.)

RT @jamieworley: Just made up a new word: "squirky." It means squirrelly and quirky. Sometimes I am both of those, so I need a good word. ;)

RT @gyoung9751: @katdish Linking up with FB and Twitter is either Facebookerocious or Twittelicious

@gyoung9751 Thanks, Glynn. I don't need katdishionary words at the moment, I need INSTRUCTION

GAAAAA!!!! Okay. Thanks for all the FB friends. Now how do I link up with twitter?

Okay people. I created a new facebook account: Katdish Dishman-Richards. I have no friends currently. Sad...I know.

@noveldoctor Writers can't help but write. Even when it's not on paper. It's safer on paper than in your head, though.

RT @noveldoctor: If all writers truly followed the "write what you know" maxim, wouldn't most novels be about rejection?

@noveldoctor He WAS in Karate Kid! (in reply to noveldoctor @katdish Or Ralph "Espresso" Macchiato. Wait, wasn't he the Karate Kid?)

@noveldoctor I think they might figure it out when your characters have names like "Carmelatta". (in reply to noveldoctor I get some of my best story ideas from the customers at Sbux. They just don't know it.)

NERD ALERT >RT @Brian_Russell: Anyone on Xbox Live? Because we should totally nerd it up together.

@PeterPollock Nope. Just outright adoration and appreciation. (in reply to PeterPollock @katdish When I saw "My Geeky Guru" I was sure that there must be a way to TWSS it, but I just can't find it!)

Just called @PeterPollock my "geeky guru" in a DM. It's a shame I can't post my DMs on my twitter update. Don't worry, I'll never do that.

@amysorrells Oh, be careful what you wish for Amy. (in reply to amysorrells @katdish In that case, I want to be just like you. (((snort!)))

@amysorrells Oh, pish posh! Never grow up! (in reply to amysorrells I want 2 B like them when I grow up: @MaryDeMuth @michaelhyatt @thepioneerwoman @RichardMabry @sarahmarkley @1nicolebromley @flowerdust)


Candy said...

If that woman can sing karaoke, I can too. Wait, she can't.

Of all the tweets from last week, I can't believe you missed the one @buzzbyannies did from Elliott's Oyster House (which showed up as "Elliott's Oyster Ho" on my bank statement). Most. Classic. Tweet. Eva.

Cassandra Frear said...

Sharing the wealth, I see. It wasn't enough for you to educate Duane Scott and myself. You had to be generous!

Now your thousands of fans will be Kateducated and Katupdated once again.

M.L. Gallagher said...

Laughing. and singing. Oh wait. I'm not singing. I'm caterwauling. Even Marley the Great Cat has skeedaddled out of the room!


And I promise. Not singing!

Thanks Sweets for the Tweets! And the memories too!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

I missed a lot of the twitter fun this week. Like @gabbysherri's arrival on the twitter??!!! I must go harass her.

Ur Twitter updates are golden. Never ever stop.

sherri said...

Well, it was a slow played arrival on the twitter...I'll get the hang of it eventually-I will vow to never start something new again at 10:30 at night after a long week. My normally fog-filled brain was even soon as the fog clears, I'll log on again! ;)

Heather of the EO said...

And this is exactly why I get so confused in the best possible hilarious way when I log on to twitter mid-tweetversation

Wendy said...

Have I entered an alternate universe?! Sherri is on the twitter and you've gotten another facebook account?! INCONCEIVABLE!!!