Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pardon me while I rant incessantly: Comments Edition!

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Some people have asked me why I started using comments moderation. It's a fair question. There are a few reasons. First, I get spam comments every day. It's easier to reject those comments than to go back and delete them after the fact. Second, I don't like anonymous comments and I typically don't publish them. I made an exception this week, but only because I was able to verify that the person was who they said they were.

But the main reason? Simple. This is my blog. I control what content I choose to allow here, and this includes the comments. As I've said before, I think the comments on this blog are often better than the posts (at least the posts I write). I love the sense of community here, and even if I don't get a chance to respond, I read all of them. I know your time is valuable, and I am honored you would take the time to read my silly little blog.

What this blog is NOT about is mean spirited, ugly and/or argumentative soap boxing via the comments section. And I'm sure the hell not going to allow rude comments on a post someone has been gracious enough to submit to me.

There are people who troll the internet looking to pick a fight. If that's your M.O., I suggest you keep moving, because like I said before, This is my blog.

And if anyone is going to rant incessantly, it will be me.




L.T. Elliot said...


Helen said...

I started using comment moderation for the same reason. While I miss the days we could just build up on each other's comments nonstop, it is kind of hard when someone is pushing a Viagra add in the middle. I know. TWSS. (I was actually going for a "TWSS".

It's a shame that someone was attempting to rant anonymously. I am tempted to leave some anonymous comments across the blogisphere myself sometimes, but have asked myself "Why anonymous?" and then determined that if it is inappropriate to leave under my own name, then it is inappropriate to send.

I think people forget that REAL people are writing these ideas. Would anonymous be okay ranting in someone's face? (Yes, if we were sitting in my Dining Room face to face and the subject of Rod Blagojevich came up, I would totally rant across from you without a second thought! I'm sure you would say what you wrote here to anonymous's face if they would show it..)

BTW Katdish, you do know that you are much loved for your fierce loyalty, don't you. Because you should. Know that.

Sarah Salter said...

TOTALLY agree, Sistah! I've always done the comment moderation thing (my personal webmaster recommended it from day one). But let me encourage you that maybe their attempts at ranting mean that you're touching a nerve. And really, that means you're doing something right! And you ARE doing something right Kathy! That's why we keep coming back! Actually, we keep coming back because we just LOVE you-- especially when you rant!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

I was in the mood for a good katdishrant.

And I promise I'll try not to call people names anymore, you LINTLICKER.


~*Michelle*~ said...


Annie K said...

I never snark anonymously. Just making sure you know that.

Jewda said...

I agree. I started using comment moderation when a church member at my last church started commenting on my boss and good friend's blog. I defended him, and then I inherited the troll.

Plus, this lady named Katdish sometimes leaves comments that are really offensive.

Heather of the EO said...

I really really like you.

See? Not a troll.

Nick the Geek said...

I was getting a ton of spam on my new blog and then installed a plugin that catches 99% of the spam without using capchata or even allowing the spam to post to my "please moderate this might be spam" which was really making me angry.

So far I guess I'm not popular enough to get anything I wouldn't put up. I've not had to deal with any comments other than spam. I really hope I don't ever have to deal with moderating comments because, while I try to be prompt with the handful that end up in moderation that shouldn't be, I am sometimes unavailable for a day or two or even a week at a time.

Heather of the EO said...

wait. that wasn't meant to be argumentative. I mean, I wasn't saying,

see? you don't need comment moderation, I'm not a troll, I'm nice and I like you.

That's not what I meant. But if you want to argue about it, take it up with me over email and delete these moderated comments.

I know I know shut up Heather. (except don't say that in the comments, because I don't like arguing in the comments)

Nick the Geek said...

Also, I agree with Jewda, someone needs to make a spam filter for certain people like that Katdish character.

Jeanne Damoff said...

I set my comments for moderation on anyone's first comment. After I've approved one for any person, their future comments go up unmoderated. So far this has worked out fine because only lovely, considerate people have left comments I've approved. I don't mind if someone disagrees with me, but I expect people to be civil.

The blog itself catches spam and rejects it. Not sure what I did to make that happen.

Loved Helen's observations above. So true.

You're awesome, Katdish. xo

Kelly Langner Sauer said...

Go get 'em. I love that you actually have a platform for this. I can barely ask people to be nice without inviting the nasty comments. :-P

I think I may just refer people on my blog to this post here. Because trust me, if they knew me in real life, they'd know this is something I'd say.

Just not something I'd write.

I'm so much nicer in writing.

katdish said...

Kelly -

You really need to embrace your inner cranky ho.

It's quite liberating.

jasonS said...

I feel the need for a standing ovation and a slow clap along with a well-placed "You go girl."

I agree with you! It's your party, you can rant if you want to.

Marni said...

I don't use the moderator because you and 10 other people are the only ones who come to my blog and none of you have proven to be confrontational jerks ;-)

But you're right...your blog, your rules. And I can't stand anon comments either. The ones on Jon's blog burn me to no end. Grrr.

Nice rant!!

Marni said...

Did Steph just call you a lintlicker? I'll take care of this. Ummm...pickle you cumquat!!

Shark Bait said...


People who are too afraid to use their real name or have a photo just annoy the heck out of me.

Wait... what?


Shark Bait said...

Strangely enough, in a year of blogging, I haven't picked up a single Spam or anonymous post on my blog.

On my other blog, which gets like five hits a month, I get more spam comments than real ones.

Beck said...

I don't mind someone POLITELY disagreeing with something I've written - that's fair. But there's a line between THAT and someone who just wants to start a fight or belittle another commentor - and I won't stand for that.

Water Shack Lady said...

I will say real nice stuff about you if I can be alive again.

I PROMISE no more clown pictures.
Kristi/ pagan 43

katdish said...

Oh please, Kristie. Nick is always annoying me and I still like him. It's like his spiritual gift.

Robin Arnold said...

I'm always grateful when popular girls moderate their comments and their posts. That was a very controlled rant and nicely done. I recently suggested to a blogger that they moderate their comments because of all the nastiness and profanity, which in my opinion takes up space (I hate scrolling), and what I got back was a horrible message filled with words that made me cry. Seriously. So thank you. And, if you need me to, I'll go sit on anyone who says otherwise.

Bina said... my world everyone eats butterflies and poops rainbows :)

GET 'EM!!!

katdish said...

Okay Robin, that is definately the first time anyone has EVER referred to me as "one of the popular girls". So, thanks...I think.

And Bina? One of my all time favorite movie lines! Awesome.

Shark Bait said...

Oops. I thought we were supposed to be eating rainbows and pooping butterflies.

This explains a lot about the state of the world. :-(

Anonymous said...

You go girl! If I were to comment rant it would be that only 2% of people who hit my blog actually leave a comment. And while I don't need their affirmation, I enjoy the community. y'know?