Thursday, February 11, 2010

Community and a Contest

When I started blogging almost two years ago, I had no clear direction. I just knew I had some things to say and having a place to say it (and perhaps even have a few people listen) seemed like a pretty cool thing. Seems like a self-absorbed endeavor if you stop and think about it.

But I didn't.

Think about it, that is.

For months I was sort of winging it. If you go back and read some of my earliest writing, that's evident. It was all about me and what I thought. But that gets boring. Seriously -- who cares? I didn't even care all that much.

But then a wonderful thing happened. This blog became less about me and more about the relationships that were beginning to take form here and on other blogs I frequented. As the popularity of this blog grew, so did my sense of responsibility to help others when and where I could. I'm still not that big a deal, not even so much a medium sized deal, but I do what I can.

Last month I wrote a post about my friend Sarah Salter. Sarah will be going to the Sudan on a mission trip this summer, and my friend Wendy at Weight What is helping raise money for her expenses by donating a portion of the proceeds of sales from her Etsy shop to Sarah's mission fund. You will find a link to Wendy's shop on the right hand side bar of this blog.

To kick things off, Wendy suggested a giveaway. Because who doesn't like some free stuff? The first prize winner will receive one of her $28 shirts, which are a available in a variety of sizes.

Second prize winner will receive a set of button wraps.

To enter, simply tell me in the comments section why you think you deserve to win. Be creative -- a poem, haiku, short story - whatever. If you're on the twitter (and if you're not, then why not?), tweet your three favorite items from the shop, then come back here and let me know you did.

As in previous contests here, I will not be judging the entries. I will once again call upon my friends Jeff and Tamara Hogan - two of my non-virtual friends. (Jeff and Tam, if you're reading this, thank you in advance for agreeing to judge the contest - Snort!) You have until Thursday, February 18, midnight CST to enter. Enter early. Early often. And please, no wagering.

If you find something there that you simply can't live without, be sure to put "Sarah" in the comments section of your order so that a portion of the proceeds will go towards her mission trip.





Editor's Note: I realize this has been a pretty serious week here at Hey Look a Chicken, so tomorrow I promise to post something incredibly stupid and ridiculous. Sorry/you're welcome.

Now Go...


Jewda said...

Top Ten Reasons I should receive a free etsy item:

10. My birthday was this week. I accept late presents.

9. I hate spiders. The etsy shop has a chance of reconciling me with the word etsy.

8. I live in Michigan. I bet we need long sleeved monster in my pocket shirts more than you do.

7. Jakob would look better in that Ribbit onesie than all of your readers, especially me.

6. I'm taking the time to give you 10 reasons. If you don't think this one counts, I still gave you 9, which is pretty good.

5. I've always feared having monsters under my bed. Keeping it in my shirt pocket would help me keep tabs on it. If I get to scared, and I can put him at the bottom of the hamper.

4. Wendy's blog and twitter name are Weight...What? The last time I weighed myself, I was like, "What?" perhaps some other words you would appreciate, but I refuse to type.

3. I'm Jewish. Jews like free stuff.

2. I love ranting and hearing other people rant. I know that means something to you.

1. If I don't win, I'll get my friend Anonymous to leave you more comments. That, and I'll probably get something in my eye and a case of the sniffles. It's okay, though, it's just my allergies and an eye irritant. I won't really be crying.

Jewda said...

Okay, I also tweeted it. I would have put this link in my original post, but it said to come back and do that. I'm following the contest rules. There's number 11 for you.

Ginny (MAD21) said...

I'd like to win a shirt. I was getting my creative juices going so I could write something witty. Then I read what 'Jewda' wrote. Laughed so hard now I can't come up with anything of my own...

kirsten said...

well played Jewda. Go ahead, set the bar so high that all of us are intimidated & will refuse to join in. I'm just commenting because well, what a great idea, a great cause, and a great reflection on what blogs can do.

Helen said...

Okay. Why I deserve to win? I am half Hungarian. I chew steel for breakfast so that I can spit nails at will. I am not afraid of Jewda... I can take him!

Kathleen said...

"If you go back and read some of my earliest writing, that's evident. It was all about me and what I thought."

Baby Mullet Blogger exposed. Gulp. Thanks for tearing my clothes off! :) [trying to cover herself]

Looking back over the year, it is so true. But It has been healing. First we heal, then become whole, then have the desire for holiness.

It is learning from all of you, by reading how you all
help the other guy shine and glow, that I've been
learning how to move to the next step. First, I had to experience the love, now I'm learning to give back.

Thanks Bonnie, Ann, Nancy, Glynn, Maureen, Louise, Laura, etc..... :)

Valerie said...

Really, I would prefer Helen win.. that nail spitting thing is scary. Do they get stuck in your teeth? That must be a heck of a dentist bill.

Besides I don't know this Jewda fella and really no one can frighten me quite as much as Billy Coffey.

AND I just had the best ministrone soup in the world, so I know what I'm talking about.




okierivermama said...

I really deserve to win cause I am the Monster-hunting, Ghost-busting, tooth fairy-ing, boo boo kissing, sleep deprived mom in this house. And every mom deserves to be recognized now and then.

Heather of the EO said...

I should win because I could absolutely positively NEVER do anything crafty all on my own.

jasonS said...

I can't wager? This is bogus! I'm outta here.

Oh, and I should win because of my nerdy chic sweater vest collection. :)

Maureen said...

A monster in a pocket
might be a scary thing
could he sing.

Could he dance his way
along my sleeve, up
my neck, down my arm
l'd be alarmed.

Yes, you see
it's silly me
sporting a onesie
flitting that Ribbit

Having my say
wanting to float away
so happy

To have a monster
in my pocket
instead of in my locket

He may be.


Kathleen, thank you for sweet words.

Jewda said...

Bring it, Helen. My wife is very defensive and can get mean. I like my chances while standing behind her in a fight. Oh, and she just got maternal, and that's a whole new level of defense.

Rebecca on The Homefront said...

I am now so frightened by Jewda and Helen that I think I'll have to sit out this fight.

But I think my son should win the monster in his pocket because he is much afraid of monsters, and would love to have one he could conveniently cover with his hand instead of covering his eyes. How cool is that?

Peter P said...

Naturally, I should win. I mean, you've heard my accent... right?

Bonnie Gray said...

Pick me because I need to wear something cute, so that the kids in my 4 year old school will like me and my other 10 month old baby's friend will crawl all over me and drool, trying to bite those colorful things off.

Or, I can give it as a gift to a girlfriend of mine, just because - for no reason other than I'm happy she's my friend!

Laura said...

These are just gooey adorable. Very talented artist. Have to check out that site!

Sarah Salter said...

Kathy, thank you and Wendy for doing this and for supporting me. I couldn't have better (or more creative or more supportive) friends if I'd tried!

JML said...

Seems to me I'm way behind on this, but I have always thought your blog was a wonderful meeting ground for all sorts of (scary/funny) people. I bet your life is much the same, that you more than likely try to include everyone and make sure they succeed. YOU BLOODY ROCK!!!

SarahBeeCreations said...

I posted links to the Twitter. I posted the Button Love shirt, because that is Little One's favorite, and the frog and monster onesies.

SarahBeeCreations said...

Why I should win:
Speedy will need something other than his birthday suit to wear when he's born in April, preferably something adorable and handmade. (LittleOne says she doesn't want him to be a chilly willy)
Plus, his mama spent tireless hours, day and night, using up invaluable brain cells (admittedly at a premium this pregnancy, but selflessly used for the benefit of a friend) advising the proprietor in the creation of her new store.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Yes!!! We need a monster shirt for my little monster. (Size 4T please.)

Those are adorable.
I promise wealth, happiness, and world peace if I'm chosen as the winner.

Helen said...

Fine. You are making me get out the big guns.... I am RUSTING the nails....

Helen said...

I will put away the rusty nails if SBCreations wins. She has a new little clothes wearer on the way.... He should be stylin'..

(Are people still stylin'? Or is "stylin'" no longer in mode?)

Jewda said...

Please don't do that, Helen. I'm am afraid of needles, and haven't gotten a tetanus shot since I was 15. I'm waiting till I encounter rusty metal to get my next one.

Helen said...

Another reason for SBC to win: she has apparently named her little one "Speedy". I think some nice new outfit could be just the distraction from the poor tyke's moniker....

katdish said...


Well, I'm really glad I did not have to judge this contest. If for no other reason than to have to face the wrath of Helen the Hungarian...

It seems what we have here is a tie. Jewda set the bar very high right out of the shoot. However, SarahBeeCreations' touching story, in addition to the fact that her little one's nickname is "Speedy" was compelling. Also, Helen's threats of violence by proxy weighed heavily on the judges' decision.

So, the winners are...

Jewda and SarahBeeCreations!

Y'all get with Wendy to claim your fabulous prizes.

SarahBeeCreations said...

Thank you so much! Very excited and touched in all sincerity.

(Don't even think about it)