Friday, September 25, 2009

It's been a long week...

I had some outpatient surgery on Tuesday, spent Wednesday recovering from said surgery and catching the flu from my kids. Oh yeah...tons of fun. After approximately 297 phone calls to the doctor's office and pharmacy, everyone is on flu meds and we are all on the mend. I wasnt' going to do a post for today, but what the heck - I'm just lying here being miserable. I figure I might as well spread the love. So here you go...

The best of me (or not) on the twitter:

Alright people. Gotta get off the computer for now. I'll be back tomorrow & I'll be medicated.

@br8kthru That's an excellent motto for a pastor, Jason. (in reply to: @katdish Well, I thought it wasn't bad either & then everyone tried to get me nervous. 'Don't listen to people,' that's my new motto.)

@br8kthru Nah, you're good. That's the least disturbing picture you've created so far. (in reply to: @katdish If anything, it's a tribute. Anyone who sees it differently just needs a better perspective...)

@BridgetChumbley Nah, not yet anyway...(in reply to: RT @katdish: @br8kthru You know what they say about paybacks, right Jason? (laughs maniacally) ///but is he dead to you?)

makeadiff21 It's okay Ginny. I'm used to constant abuse at the hands of my friends.

I'm channeling Sherri in my tweets lately.

@Helenatrandom Or "MY" back as they say in some countries...

@Helenatrandom Oh Helen - I know you've always got may back.

@bryanallain Do you mean like debriefing vs depantsings?

RT @bryanallain: Every time I say "just livin the dream" to someone, I want to punch myself in the face. //twitpics, please.

@JeanneDamoff Mostly alive, but there are some that are looking a bit peeked. (in reply to: @katdish Hey! I've missed your awesomeness. You good? Everyone alive to you these days?)

@redclaydiaries You complete me, Steph. (in reply to: @katdish Love that you RT'd @helenatrandom. I'll say what you couldn't fit: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!)

RT @sarahmarkley: Someone in my cycle class smelled like corn chips. It wasn't me.

RT @Helenatrandom: @sarahmsalter I don't know why. I only know that she was upset she could not have frozen banana in the summer....

@br8kthru I love a pastor than can seized on a good TWSS moment. (in reply to: @katdish you are "appaulled" huh? TWSS)

@weightwhat I'm shocked and appaulled that you would ask me that. (in reply to: @katdish If I tell you will you use it against me?)

RT @billycoffey: @katdish But what really keeps us as friends is your stunning humility. // Now you're getting with the program.

@weightwhat How did you make that little TM?

@billycoffey I am a wonderful influence. Unlike @weightwhat, I really AM goodness and light.

RT @weightwhat: @billycoffey YESH! // You're a bad influence, Wendy!

RT @weightwhat: @Helenatrandom No, we wouldn't want to deprive @katdish. I'll get right on it. //Let it be written. Let it be done!

RT @PeterPollock: I'm sure @br8kthru could quickly mash up a picture of @katdish laughing maniacally //NO! Still having breakdish nighmares

Which should make everyone feel much better.

That should have been LAUGHING maniacally, not Laughigh maniacally...

Laughigh maniacally whilst rubbing my hands together...

RT @br8kthru: @marni71 Yeah, ignoring @katdish would be like ignoring a spreading rash -it's to your own detriment //You got that right.

RT @marni71: @br8kthru Ignore @katdish . She's just trying to get us to fight again... // IGNORE KATDISH? That's not possible.

RT @marni71: @br8kthru You should do Public Service Announcements. Your advice is relevant and wise... // TWSS

@godhasablog You know how they say it's just an honor to be nominated? It's so much better to win...

RT @godhasablog: .... do you want to wait until you get to Heaven and get it at a big awards ceremony hosted by Neil Patrick Harris?

RT @godhasablog: Congrats to @katdish for winning the #essayspectacular! Important questions: do you want your prize now, OR.....

@jamieworley That is so wrong on so many levels. Can dogs feel embarrassment? Yes. Yes they can.

RT @jamieworley: @katdish Check out these dogs. You will laugh! This could be a whole blog post in itself:

@buzzbyannies I'm pretty open about my love of Boz. He doesn't have to like it

@buzzbyannies Hey Annie! Thanks for the Boz pic! Buddy Love was jealous.

Son: Dad, can you take me to the mall? DH: Well... Son: Wait, before you start yapping, let me just say... Me: Snort!

RT @HerbieGookins: Kids are being unusually good today. Makes me wonder if there's a piano suspended above my head that I don't know about.

@CandySteele Why thank you Candy. You also rock.

@redclaydiaries It's exactly like that...

@redclaydiaries don't make me go samurai ghetto on you. It's a lethal combination.

@sarahmsalter You know, real monkeys are actually quite vile. Have you been to the zoo lately?

@muchl8r - Thank you for that clarification, because I was about to call you out on that one.

RT @muchl8r: Let me modify that. More colorful language than MOST church people.

RT @muchl8r: Hanging out with the unsaved moving guys at the office. They have more colorful language than church people:)

I got an email from someone I don't know with an overseas phone # saying "for friendship". Um....ewh

RT @JeanneDamoff: @katdish Broody? Don't make me skip and frolic my way over there. //Snort!

So true. I like the way E B White says it: "Omit useless words." (in reply to: @katdish I'll save ya time: So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads. Dr. Seuss)

@JeanneDamoff Yes, well...He's sort of broody sometimes. You know how you writers get...

I'm calling you out. Right here on the twitter. Have a nice day.

So, here's the deal. If you follow me thru one of the auto-follow robots & then unfollow me 24 hrs later when I don't refollow (cont.)

@billycoffey How's that?

AHEM! I hereby apologize for misreading @billycoffey 's tweet about twitter fighting. He is no longer dead to me.

@billycoffey If you don't know, then you're even deader to me. Oh wait...I misread that last tweet. Nevermind...

RT @weightwhat: @katdish I admit to nothing. //So are you saying you can neither confirm nor deny my previous tweet?

@billycoffey You didn't even last 24 hours - DEAD TO ME!

@makeadiff21 I'm not bad, I just tweet that way...

I think @weightwhat stalks the twitter then pounces on unsuspecting victims.

@br8kthru True. I could understand if she was a yankee, but a southerner should be all up in Dr Pepper.

@br8kthru Yes, well. If that doesn't work there's always the exorcism route...(in reply to: @katdish she's still unrepentant but I believe through my example she will see the light...)

@marni71 Yes. I knew that already. But Jesus loves him anyway. (in reply to: @katdish That's a good call. Just don't take @br8kthru 's side. EVER. He just revealed he's from Oklahoma.)

@Helenatrandom Whatever y'all are talking about, I'm on Helen's side...


Helen said...

Very nice.
I went the video route for my twitter post this week...not sure it worked, but no risk, no reward...

Wendy said...

Good to know that having doctors cut you open will not deter your tweeting. Now that's dedication!

Billy Coffey said...

So you've had surgery and the flu and you still managed to tweet more than me? I don't know if that's cause for admiration or pity.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Don't you know that if you want to catch the flu, just go to a hospital? You should have come here - I'd have done your surgery for you in my garage.

But really, I'm sorry you were sick. Seems to be pandemic.

Annie K said...

What Billy said...only closer to the pity side. (ehem)

Marni said...

Surgery recovery, flu, sick children and you STILL twitter ho down.

I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!!!!

jasonS said...

Man, I came back with a vengeance this week! Well, maybe it was the fact that you actually talked to me, but still... :)

Glad you're starting to feel better.

Heather Sunseri said...

Wow! You're a maniac! Surgery and flu, not to mention your kids had it first, which had to be hard on you. Yet, your sense of humor is still intact - "I'm just lying here being miserable. I figure I might as well spread the love."

I hope you feel better soon!!