Friday, August 28, 2009

Squirrels, coffee and brownie in a cup

I was shocked and appauled at how few tweets I had this week. Mostly because even though I was on the computer quite a bit, I was actually working - like doing real worky stuff. Strange sensation, I gotta tell ya. I was however, sucked back into the twitter on several occassions, tried to leave, and then got sucked back in again. Okay, okay...I'm making excuses. It's just too much fun sometimes! Besides, one of my tweets actually inspired @redclaydiaries to write a very touching blog post about squirrels and coffee. So there you go.

Also? Helen is back. So YAY!

Also? I still hate snarky anonymous comments. BOO!

And @rachellegardner - I'm sure brownie in a cup is wonderful. Just seems like a whole lot of trouble for not very much chocolatey deliciousness. Simmer down, girl.

The best (or not) of me on the twitter:

@beckfromfrogandtoad Oh....Canada. Cursed metric system!

@beckfromfrogandtoad I still can't believe it's 10 anywhere! It's like 90 hundred degrees here with 200% humidity.

RT @beckfromfrogandtoad: It is 10 out this morning. TEN. G'bye, summer. //TEN? Get out!

RT @tremendousnews: I spent the last 19 minutes trying to find William Hung on Twitter. Yes. That's where I am in life. There.

RT @muchl8r: Not awake. Driving to work. Must be like those flying dreams. Admitedly though, i always fall in those. . .//Be careful!

@Helenatrandom Yeeeaahhh...I bet you have a few emails.

@Helenatrandom Are you back?

Just to tell you, I'm in a FOUL MOOD! And I will be ranting incessantly about it on my blog tomorrow. Grrrrr!

RT @unmarketing: There are people in this world that deserve your emotions, and those that don't. Choose the former to focus on. //YESH!

@marni71 Where else? SCL

Those who can, do. Those who cannot leave snarky , unconstructive anonymous comments of other people's blogs.

@marni71 Oh, dang...Sorry to hear that. (In reply to: @katdish's chili-bowl-ish. With curls. Gettin' the visual?)

@marni71 I keep forgetting how thick your hair is. So is it Rosanne Rosana Danna-ish?

@PeterPollock Expect an email blast shortly...

Okay people! I SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET TO WORK! Stop distracting me!

@RachelleGardner Except maybe the virtues of store bought cakes or brownies in a cup.

@RachelleGardner Oooo! It's on like donkey kong! But I REALLY hope we never have anything to argue about. (In response to: @katdish Do you get feisty when someone argues with you? Cuz I'll take you on, girl. Bring it.)

@billycoffey Yes. You are correct. (In response to: @katdish No. Because that's pretty pointless, isn't it?)

@Brian_Russell Brian, I never start anything. People just like to pick on me...(sheepish look)

@gyoung9751 You agree with Mr. Coffey? Hmph!

@billycoffey Are you arguing with me? (In response to: @katdish Experience has taught me otherwise.)

RT @br8kthru: @katdish womenfolk: your arms are just as capable of taking out the trash- do it once in a while. :)//Oooo! I'm telling!

Menfolk: The uterus is not a homing device. Find your own car keys.

But before I go...a public service announcement:

Okay. Gotta get off the twitter. Got some work to do.

RT @simonleung: "I've been hanging around Chinese people so much lately... I forgot I'm Vietnamese!" - Aimee Vo (@aimeevo)

Oh, shameless self promotion, how I love thee...

RT @ProfessionalOne: There are over 200,000,000 Blogs//But not nearly as many worth reading. Mine, for instance...

@katdish Or to the Walmarts.

@RachelleGardner I wonder that every time I go to the book store.

RT @RachelleGardner: evr get frustrated trying 2 get a book deal, & then wonder y so many BAD books get published?

Great interview: @TheBonnieGray interviews @billycoffey. No,'s very good. Would I lie to you?

RT @redclaydiaries: New blog post, inspired by @katdish. I'm sorry/You're welcome.

@shrinkingcamel There's no "I" in TEAM, but there is ME.

RT @tylerstanton: Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things. #wisdompearls

Okay peeps! Gotta get some shut eye. 6AM comes pretty early. Sometimes as early as 6AM. G'night!

I realize that @redclaydiaries is probably asleep, but I needed to share this with her:

@becca_homefront Well, just between you and me - she's a bit gassy.

That's one strange kid. Must take after her father...

8yo daughter informed me she did not have chocolate milk at school because she is 1/2 lactose intolerant. What does that even mean?

@WinLiannefield What are struggles in life if not blog fodder?

Could the BE anymore paperwork to fill out for my kid's school? Not that I'm complaining. But I totally am...

Fixing what's broken by @billycoffey (There - HAPPY now?)

@billycoffey What's that?....Mmm, hmm. Thought so...

@billycoffey Maybe I'm working on something for someone else. And maybe I'll just stop doing that. How's that work for ya? (In response to: I have to post on @katdish's blog because she won't get off Twitter. Fixing what's broken:

@katdish Oooo! Heading over there...beware the wrath of @katdish cowardly Anonymous!

RT @prodigaljohn: A hateful blog comment with no name deserves a response with no words. (Or a "badger gram" but badgers are hard to mail)

RT @annalisa2: “Don’t write down to your readers. The ones dumber than you can’t read.”//BA HA HA! Good one.

@br8kthru You're welcome. Now go read my blog...

Just had 2 Ginkgo Bilobas with a low carb monster chaser. Bring it, Foo!

@redclaydiaries Yes. Perhaps the George Costanza approach to life is fitting...

@JeanneDamoff I would think you would be a literary agent's dream come true.

@marni71 Let me put it this way - if they had a debate team in the 3rd grade, my daughter would be president of it.

RT @unmarketing: Hey you, ya the one that just tagged me in a Facebook note just so I'd read it. You're a jackass.//Ah, honesty! Refreshing.

How not to suck as a Leader by @shrinkingcamel (who sucks at linking his blog posts)

RT @shrinkingcamel: The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist. //HA! Brilliant!

@HerbieGookins This much I know is true...(In reply to: @katdish My dorkiness knows no bounds.)

@HerbieGookins You are so cool in your dorkiness.

@BridgetChumbley Barely. I boxed up all her Barbies in a fit of rage. But she's okay with it.

RT @marni71: @br8kthru don't listen to the haters...not everyone can rawk the sweater vests.//And stripes to boot!

RT @br8kthru: @PeterPollock you better zip it, Peter! You're just jealous of my nerdy machismo //Just tell me you're not wearing plaid pants

@br8kthru Alaskan beer in Texas chili? Dunno about that...

@pwilson Man card violation pending...(In response to: Stopping for a green tea frappucino on my way back to the 6pm @crosspoint_tv. It's my latest addiction.)

Gotta go buy some beer. No - for chili.

@shrinkingcamel Now you're talking...2:47 PM Aug 23rd from TweetDeck in reply to shrinkingcamel (In response to: OMGhost! I will hunt down wireless in this God-forsaken beach town. //Or, I will steal my wife's precious i-phone)

@shrinkingcamel You're posting for me this week! How are you going to respond to your adoring fans? (In response to: The only prob- no - internet - access --- HE-L-P --- M-EE (gasp)

RT @jewda4: R dog freaks out whenever I make an elephant noise. Only a long car trip could provide such valuable & entertaining information.

Typically have 10 to 12 kiddos at church. Today 26. At a church plant, there's only so much planning you can do. God brings who he brings.

Son starts junior high tomorrow. Who me? Nervous? Um, yes.

@Brian_Russell Rock, indeed.

I'm sass talking @weightwhat via direct messaging! Mwha ha ha!

My daugther's room is an unmitigated disaster from her slumber party last night. I mean IT. IS. BAD

RT @AlexGoodall: Pokemon, n. A Rastafarian proctologist. //Okay, that's just funny right there

@prodigaljohn HEY! The snuggie is my signature giveaway! Oh...whatever!

@billycoffey Ooo! Market a cologne called "new book". Like "the beach" from Kramer.

@muchl8r Aren't you following Gangsta Steph?

@redclaydiaries And you're an authority on gangstas?

@MichaelHyatt Or the estrogen... (In response to: The Woman of Faith conference has just begun. You can't imagine the energy in this room!)

@muchl8r Fo shizzle.

@muchl8r Vato to you to. What's Vato?

And yes, I know it's Saturday. But you're not the boss of me.

#ff @muchl8r because he embraces his grumpiness. It works for him.

#ff Follow @asilannax Because she ate a cupcake with a Q-tip.

#ff @shrinkingcamel because he's really not a camel.

@asilannax You ate a cupcake with a Q-tip? Okay, that's just weird...

RT @asilannax: I 8 a cupcake w/ a Q-Tip. y? b/c I'm cute & quirky, that's y! Actual reason: I might B slightly mentally disturbed.

Follow Friday: @chrissulli Because he really needs to step up his twitter game.

As always - Sorry/You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Whew...I barely made it this week. I've got to step up my game and get funnier! LOL

Helen said...

Thank you. Thanks to the twitter blog carnival, I don't have to go looking backwards on twitter for almost four weeks of tweets.

Wendy said...

Curse you, katdish! Now I want a brownie in a cup and have no idea how to get one!

sherri said...

I liked our emails better ;) (That was just for you!)

Billy Coffey said...

I still like the idea of a cologne that smells like a book.

jasonS said...

Man, I didn't get to spend much time on twitter this week. Oh well, I still made it in (yes, I'm needy sometimes).

Peter P said...

3 times? My name only made it in there 3 times?

Oh well, it's better than nothing I guess!

Deborah Ann said...

Whoa, I feel so insufficient now, after reading all those cut twitters. Wish I could join in, but I have no idea how to.

You are invited to follow my blog at

You love to laugh, so jump in!

FaithBarista Bonnie said...

My heart be still. Did I make Kat's twitter line up? .. Oh, it's because about Coffey.

Oh, well. I'm still happy!