Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Smurfette!

Hmm...that's a fairly accurate description of my friend Sherri. She's one of my chatty gal pal blogger buddies. She's not blue, but still...

I really don't think I'm the type of person who you can be lukewarm about. You either really like me, or really don't. Poor Sherri! Preacher's daughter and fine upstanding citizen that she is, she really should not like me at all. Especially since I tease her incessantly. But she can't help herself. She freaking loves me, and the feeling is mutual.

Today is Sherri's birthday, so I want you all to hop on over to Matter of Fact and wish my short, unintentional shoplifting friend a very happy day.

This is Sherri and her better half, Big Al (he digs me too, but he doesn't like gerbils).


(Did you know that you're an entire year older than me?)


sherri said...

Why thank you katdish-see, you CAN be nice to me when you TRY! ANd although I love the smurfette likening, and the song...I listened to it all the time as a child (those BEAUTIFUL female voices coming from males!), you know my favorite part of this part....THOSE RED STILETTOS! OMG! Are you mailing them to me? Huh? Huh? Are you? Thanks for the seet wishes- I love you!

Annie K said...

Happy Birthday Sherri!!!

Shark Bait said...

Happy Birthday Sherri,

And BTW Katdish, Sherri's address is actually

(Note the extra word site)

If you click on your link, you go to a different site entirely.

Billy Coffey said...

Happy Birthday, Smurfette!