Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Runaway Imagination (by Brian C. Russell)

It's Wednesday. Guest blogger day here at HLAC. I love a good short story. And I really love Brian's short stories. So here ya go:

Imagine you’re a thirteen year old boy. Now imagine you’re running away from home. You’re packing your backpack with all the necessities. Toothbrush, your favorite pair of shorts, an extra shirt.

Imagine your parents screaming in the other room. She’s lazy, he’s never home, yelling that never ceases. You wonder if they’ve forgotten you.
You drop your best hat in your pack.

You’ll show them. They don’t need you. They don’t love you. You’re leaving for good. They probably won’t even miss you.

Imagine you slam the front door on your way out.

Imagine you hear them stop fighting. That’s not possible though. They don’t care if you leave. You’ll see. You’ll be at your friend’s house in no time. Everything will be okay. You can pretend it’s a sleepover so his mom doesn’t call your house.

You knock on the door, but no one’s home. No one cares about you. You don’t have anywhere to go.

Imagine you find a tree house. Now imagine that’s your new house. You climb up the ladder and set out your stuff. With no one around you won’t need to brush your teeth. No one will come to find you anyway.

Imagine balling up your backpack and laying your head on it. You curl up trying to keep warm. You feel splinters digging through your shirt and mosquitoes biting your ankles.

You toss and turn, but can’t sleep.
You’re full of questions and don’t know what to do. Where will you go? No one wants you.

Imagine you hear your name. Now imagine you hear it again. You look out the window of the tree house and see your dad’s car. Imagine both mom and dad are in the car. You feel a smile on your face.

Imagine you jump out of the tree house. You run towards the car waving your arms. Your parents get out and run to you. The hug you and kiss your forehead. They love you. They’re sorry. They didn’t realize. They were so worried. They never want to lose you.

You know you’re loved. You believe your parents. You go home and sleep in your own bed. You wake up to both parents awake. Mom’s making breakfast and dad doesn’t look like he’s ready for work.

Imagine he’s staying home today. Now imagine your parents are going to get help.

Imagine they love you.

You’ll never run away again.

Check out more of Brian's writings here: Brian C. Russell


bman said...

Yay! Guest post AND first comment! I win twice!

Thanks katdish, you're awesome!

Annie K said...

Great post Brian! I wish more parents would 'seek help'. Their kids could really use it.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey, great story Brian.

The second to last day of school this year, a kid in my classroom was running home. He's in ninth grade. What did he pack to sustain himself? His most valuable possession? Not clothes, not food...

His Xbox.

He didn't make it far.

Nick the Geek said...

brian. Great story. I worry for so many of my students because they feel like no one cares. Honestly I worry that I'm the only one that cares for them and there just isn't enough of me to go around.

... *tear*

Tony C said...

Very moving story Brian...and all too real for a lot of kids your age.

We often forget them in our prayers because your scenerio has become far too commonplace. Thanks for reminding us we shouldn't forget...

jasonS said...

good job- nice post.

Billy Coffey said...

Awesome story, Brian. Well done. My wife is a teacher, and I know just how common this sort of thing is.

Joanne Sher said...

Oh - beeeautiful. Love this story. Super voice. Super message.

katdish said...

Thanks again, Brian. Don't stop writing. Awesome.

Glynn said...

When I was 13, I ran away from home. I don't remember why. I was gone all of two hours, and hid in the woods near our house. It got creepy as darkness came on, and I was hungry, so I walked home. And got grounded.

Great story.