Friday, July 31, 2009

A Light Week on the Twitter - People, I'm BUSY

So it seems some of my chatty bloggy gal pals/royal twitter ho-nesses think I've been a bit of a slacker this week. I suppose twitter-wise that's the case. Actually, even though I have been on the computer quite a bit this week, I was barely even able to keep up with my own blog, let alone my normal stops and the twitter. It's sort of been crunch time on some other projects that I'm working on, so please forgive me for not enriching your lives with my awesomeness. I will try to do better next week, but I'm not making any promises I can't keep.

And now for the best (and least) of me on the twitter:

1. I think Amazon should send me a Kindle. Just because...

2. RT @MichaelHyatt: Just a thought: Amazon should market Kindle similar to how Apple marketed iPod: “1,500 books in the palm of your hand.”

3. @Helenatrandom And who died and made y'all the twitter police?2 minutes ago from TweetDeck in reply to Helenatrandom

4. You may apologize by reading my blog post: Believing is also Feeling (The artsy post):

5. AHEM! Some of us had to paint today and therefore could not be on the twitter.

6. Don de' esta, @HerbieGookins

7. @HerbieGookins Ask your mom if she knows any publisher interested in it. I can get started on it right away.

8. ...Even though I would totally buy that book...

9. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Kat Dish #failedchildrensbooktitles

10. @shrinkinngcamel Deep dish, katdish

11. RT @ProfessionalOne: @katdish Conference you in? Hell, you're the only topic I'll be discussing! The class is called "A twitter Case Study: @katdish ...

12. @ProfessionalOne Oooo! Can you conference me in?

13. @shrinkingcamel Okay...wait...whaa? No wonder you make the big bucks...

14. Art is the concrete artifact of faith and expectation - Stephen King

15. @shrinkingcamel You're dead to me, Bradley.


17. @shrinkingcamel Is anyone hiring? I'm very good at disagreeing with people.

18. The Sound of Muzak #failedchildrensbooktitles

19. @redclaydiaries Some people just can't appreciate the classics.

20. @redclaydiaries Now there's a book you could write!

21. Little Stephanie's Chicken Foot Necklace #failedchildrensbooktitles

22. The Boxcar Children and the Old Hobo's infected Foot #failedchildrensbooktitles

23. RT @asilannax: I'm half southern and half Canadian, so when I'm rude to you, I'll sugar coat it, then apologize profusely afterwards.

24. RT @Go_RV_ing: rainbows n tix and winnin's ...these are a few of my favorite things

25. Sometimes I have things to say to myself and I don't want everyone all up in my business.

26. It's so frustrating that twitter won't let me DM myself!

27. @WinLiannefield Aw, it's all good. Have you bathed today? If yes, then I think you're okay.

28. @WinLiannefield Will you be joining the twitter ho carnival this week?

29. @n8sant I like to think of it as "Enriching lives thru the power of social media." Tweet a lot sounds so common.

30. @marni71 Hey Marni! (@helenatrandom told me to say that) But seriously - Hey!

31. Just to tell you, if I see your avatar on my tweetdeck more than my own, you need to take it down a notch.

32. Sorry. Shameless, I know...

33. RT @Helenatrandom: @br8kthru That would be horrendous! what would I do if I couldn't see @katdish 's tweets. I bear it enough on Sundays, but ot ..

34. @Helenatrandom Oh, seismic - meh! I didn't like it either. Try tweetdeck, I love it. I have a facebook column that I completely ignore!

35. @godhasablog I'm sure you know what I'm talking about....being God and whatnot.

36. @godhasablog They should all move to Houston. No knights or kings, but plenty of queens.

37. @br8kthru You mean like "rising stars" watch list or "for the love of Gumby would this woman please shut up" watchlist?

38. @godhasablog I thought that title was already taken by @ryanmer

39. @godhasablog I don't like where this is heading, Sir...

40. RT @billycoffey: Boxing! Sweat! Blood!

41. @br8kthru People Browser not showing my tweets?!? ....farging bastitches...

42. How did I get on some random Avon emailing list? Hmmm.....

43. @Brian_Russell I have no clue what that tramp stamp is supposed to mean. Should I be flattered or offended.

44. @JeanneDamoff Trust me, Jeanne - I'm not that big a deal. But you're right - kids say the funniest things.

45. @MistiPearl ACK! Again with the Tom stuff!

46. @JeanneDamoff I like to keep people curious.

47. @becca_homefront Yay, indeed. I'm looking forward to posting it. Very good read.

48. A quote (or re-quote) from the one and only @JeanneDamoff : "Watch Me break this board with my head." ~ Jesus.

49. RT @RachelleGardner: "Becoming the reader is the essence of becoming a writer." John O'Hara//Oh, man! Is that good or what?

50. @Helenatrandom I'll have to go read all your butt tattoo suggestions from my PCB* post.

51. RT @Helenatrandom: @katdish Then I'd have to referr to my buttcheeks as ""the twins". Who wants that?

52. @Helenatrandom I figured you would want Mary Kate and Ashley.

53. @Helenatrandom Annie's frontsetts...Snort!


55. @JeanneDamoff Yay! I can't tell you what OR where....

56. "An artist is a creature driven by demons. He doesn't know why they choose him and he's usually too busy to wonder why." - Faulkner

57. I want a tattoo, but if I told you of what I'd have to...well, you know...

58. @HerbieGookins Good Morning! How is Mr. Gookins and the little Gookins today?

59. And speaking of coffee, Good Morning @billycoffey

60. @buzzbyannies Color me impressed. Here's what I come up with before coffee: "GAAAA! I need coffee!"

61. RT @jackalopekid: What r u doing right this second? (I'm on the twitter - duh)

62. Here's one: "Never, ever hit someone in anger, unless you're absolutely sure you can get away with it." Harold Ramis

63. What are some of your favorite quotes? Inquiring minds wanna know:

64. Time to run some rock star errands. I need some people...

65. RT @PuriChristos: @Helenatrandom I have the spiritual gifts of wise ass and being even more stuborn (spelling? not so much)

66. What Helen said...

67. RT @Helenatrandom: @PuriChristos Some people have the spiritual "gift" of stubbornnes..Sometimes I "regift" stubbornness myself...

68. @HerbieGookins And yet you steadfastly refuse my lovely Bratz Dolls. Go figure...2:14 PM Jul 27th from TweetDeck in reply to HerbieGookins

69. @HerbieGookins You should get Mr. Gookins to make some Toy Story nightmare toy out of it .2:07 PM Jul 27th from TweetDeck in reply to HerbieGookins

70. RT @HerbieGookins: Meet me as a fourteen year old. I was way too serious. (Well looky there, Beth wrote a blog post!)

71. You become responsible forever for what you have tamed. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

72. @emptynestegg Fun today? Hmmm....You should go to my blog and make fun of @billycoffey 's shirt.

73. RT @Helenatrandom: @HerbieGookins You're being stalked by three erratically behaved midgets?! OMGoogle! You poor thing..//OMGoogle!

74. RT @HerbieGookins: @katdish I'm pretty sure I do...does the pastor's name rhyme with Mole Schmosteen?

75. @HerbieGookins SNORT! Yes. Yes it does.

76. @HerbieGookins Thanks. Do you know what the "Fellowship of Excitement" is?

77. Is there something wrong with my tweetdeck, or are my friends just ignoring me? Hmmm?????

78. @HerbieGookins Oh, so you're chatting with @helenatrandom, but not me. Nice..

79. @HerbieGookins Hi Beth! Normal is relative. You are, after all, in Indiana.

80. @ryanmer Dude, seriously. How can you not have a driver's license? You wouldn't last a day in Houston.

81. @PeterPollock Yes, Peter. I'll say it again. You're prompt. No one can take that away from you.

82. @weightwhat Like I have that kind of time. Just RT everything she says, okay?

83. @PeterPollock You get all the cool kids to follow you first!

84. Where are @redclaydiaries tweets?

85. Thanks for the follow high profile Christian writer dude who will remain nameless! You won't be sorry, despite what @redclaydiaries says.

86. @billycoffey That's the beauty of me! And incidentally, sorry/you're welcome.

87. @BridgetChumbley I think that will be my first book: Katdish quotes Sure to sell tens of copies.

88. @billycoffey Hey! You're supposed to be sending me that book!

90. @bryanallain EWH, EWH, EWH!

91. @PeterPollock Pastor Billy? Not quite. But he does write some good parables, huh?

92. @unmarketing Canadians: Like regular white people, only slower.

93. @unmarketing Tempting...but Canada? Meh...

94. @tremendousnews Clown make-up? UNFOLLOW!2:34 PM Jul 26th from TweetDeck in reply to tremendousnews

95. RT @tremendousnews: I'm in the blissfully unaware period between waking up and remembering why I have clown makeup on.2:33 PM Jul 26th from TweetDeck

97. RT @muchl8r: keyword search that brought someone to my blog "christian puberty" that pretty much nails it! http://thoughtife.blogspot..../

98. @buzzbyannies No. I've replaced those items with a sock full of quarters, because you just never know when you'll need that...

99. @buzzbyannies Of course not! (I took out the coffee and the airline pretzels)

100. @redclaydiaries - I reposted the crap in my purse post, where I give you full credit for getting me on the twitter.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as always:

Sorry/you're welcome.

Now if you wrote a twitter post, please link your bad self up right here:


Wendy said...

So sad that you've neglected Twitter. How can they hope to stay in business if you keep that up?

Also, how did Mr. Linky end up on your blog? I'm so curious!

Helen said...

Well, you will have to tweet more next week to regain twitter ho status. Until then...
(butterfly|yellow rose)

Oh, just kidding. You'll always be a twitter ho to us!

Wendy, Tee Hee. She hijacked Mr. Linky!

Peter, Where are you? Are you okay? It's almost 7:30 and you are not here yet!

jasonS said...

Very nice- thanks for the chuckle! Man, I didn't think you'd have a lot, but you still made 100. Helen wanted to downgrade you to "twitter flirt" but I liked "twitter tease" better. Just sayin'...

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Gee, only THAT many tweets? You ARE slipping.

And I'm curious too - How'd you get a hold of Mr Linky?

(that's what she said)

katdish said...

Mr. Linky was cut and pasted from the Smartypants blog. You know...the blog the I have full administrative rights to? Yeah....that one.

Mwha, ha, ha!!!!!!

Rebecca on The Homefront said...

You didn't neglect it so much that you have no Twitter Ho post...that's a good thing. I wasn't much on the Twitter this week, it wasn't worth a post. *shrug*

Beth said...

You may have been missing but I, however, was in rare form on the twitter this week! Too bad I had the Wal-Mart trip from h-e-double toothpicks today and didn't have time to write a post. Cuz I was diggin' those failed children's book titles.

Helen said...

Beth's right. She had some awesome titles.

Billy Coffey said...

Don't worry about it, katdish. I've had a bit of a slow week on Twitter as well. Thankfully, I did just enough to get a Friday mention here. Priorities, priorities...