Monday, April 20, 2009

Google Analytics

Okay, y'all - this is so stinking funny (to me, anyway) that the only intro I'm going to give you is that I recently started using Google Analytics to track this blog. The following is a list of keyword searches people have used to find this blog. I added the Smartypants blog on Saturday. (Can't wait to see THAT list!) Anyway, here are the keyword searches that landed some unfortunate folks on my blog:

1) katdish
2) katdish freak
3) howdy cloud
4) look a chicken
5) "annie k" boobs
6) "i cried a tear" "was confused" "clear my mind"
7) +katdish
8) add"hey look a chicken"
9) beth moore obsession
10) biggest boobs annie k. biggest "annie k."
11) bunch of crap in my car console
12) cartoon i was just thinking
13) catalyst one day
14) chicken plate and fork
15) days of the harvest
16) do not look the chicken
17) dora sullivan rock band 2
18) droopy boob smiley
19) emoticon for butts
20) foghorn leghorn smart boy just a little on the dumb side
21) fork and spoon devotional
22) godology excerpt
23) helen's buttcrack
24) hey look a chicken
25) hey look at these
26) hey look!
27) house church do's and don'ts
28) how do i make a sideways smiley face?
29) how do you make a sideways smiley
30) how to get smileys which sideways
31) igoogle
32) katdish blog
33) nonconformity quote
34) parachute drop church planting
35) rock band contest "louisville"
36) sideways smiley face
37) sideways smiley facebook
38) slanket redemption codes
39) slutty rock look
40) songs with home in them
41) the cat's diary the dog's diary day of my imprisonment
42) the sideways smiley face
43) top ten reasons people don't tithe
44) what does the sideways smiley mean
45) where to buy jolly rancher jelly beans at grocery stores?
46) woman checken brain

Whew! (wiping my tear filled eyes) That's at LEAST a week's worth of material right there!

Who says you actually have to have something to blog about to write a post?

And to those of you who found my blog via keyword search:

Sorry/You're welcome!

P. S. - Annie, Is there something you want to tell the rest of the class?
P. P. S. - What is this obsession with the sideways smiley face?!?


Nick the Geek said...

I'm a bit confused about the annie k search. Those are pretty specific when they have quotes like that. More over, I'm wondering why those searches land here. I was thinking about going back through the posts I've missed but now I'm thinking I shouldn't.

I'm always amazed at the searches that land on my blog. They run two ways. Some are really awesome and make me think I should write a little more high brow and others have me very concerned for some people. The worst was a search for I'm in love with my youth pastor. I had to write to this person.

katdish said...


I read that post. People don't think about that aspect of youth ministry that often, but I think there's always that underlying issue with you're dealing with teenagers. Not that it's specific to youth ministry, but the ramifications can be tragic. It's sort of a double edged sword. You want to be able to relate to the kids, but there are just some lines that should never be crossed.

I actually have no clue why some of those searches landed people here, but the tithing post seems to bring quite a few ministry people over here. It's actually one of my favorite posts and was the inspiration for the little sidebar pastor parody.

Helen said...

This got me to thinking...
I think we should all start labeling all of our posts "Christian porn" so that people looking for porn land on our sites, and we have an opportunity to convert them.
What do you think?
Oh, and did you make up number 23? Because that right there is pretty funny, too. No, that wasn't me who googled that.

Marni said...

Those Beth Moore obsession hits were all from me. Sorry.

jasonS said...

Too funny! My favorite one from my blog recently was,
"the lights of the city begrudgingly faded as the sun took it's rightful place as ruler of the day"

What the heck? Somebody searched that whole thing? And I'm #2 on that search. Anyway, those are some great searches.

katdish said...

Helen - I swear, that list is exactly as it reads on Analytics. I did not add or subtract anything. Maybe Bob googled your butt crack (that's what she said).

Sorry. Somebody had to say it...

Jason - I think that the fact that somebody actually typed in all those words tells me that your reader base is a tad more high brow than mine (see droopy boob smiley).

katdish said...

Marni -

What IS your obsession with Beth Moore? I like her and all, and come to think of it, I attended one of her bible studies (she lead it), and she did have some fabulous shoes...

sherri said...

Helen's buttcrack? Are you serious?

Beth Moore has cute shoes?
Are you still serious?

JML said...

No hot monkey sex? I'm disappointed. and I think I jacked something up with google analytics. It doesn't work on my bloody blog!

Marni said...

Sherri, Beth Moore does have cute shoes. And GREAT hair. But she's a rookie. She rarely goes above 2 inch heels. You still own at being the Christian with the cutest shoes (and tallest too) so no worries.

Billy the Baboon said...

Someone say something about hot monkey sex?


katdish said...

UPDATE: new searches include:

-is it normal to always be thinking about cameltoe?

-finding things in your purse that start with the letters of the alphabet.

-spoon license plate

-my husband told me not to "katdish"

-my husband told me not to katdish

-my husband told me katdish

-convergence christian church blogspot

(It's a good thing I'm so easily amused!)

Annie K said...

At least they didn't google Annie K porn video. THAT could've been embarassing.

(juuuust kidding. I never made any published porn.)

Smarmy Photographer Guy said...

Keyword being "published"....