Saturday, April 18, 2009

Everyday People

So, it seems that the Esteemed Reverend Hogan is hassling me for reposting some of my older posts. So instead of doing another "best of HLAC"(?), I have decided to link Jeff's newest post, Everyday. Which surprisingly, has absolutely nothing to do with Sly and the Family Stone. But you gotta admit, Jeff's picture on the sidebar of my blog bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Family Stone.

If you happen to be new to HLAC, please feel free to express to Jeff how much you are enjoying reading some of my older posts. He will probably dig that.

P.S. - That's some pretty stellar camera work in that video, huh?

P. P. S. - "And so on, and so on, and Scooby Doobie Doobie! Ahhhh! Sha Sha!" They just don't write 'em like that anymore do they?


Peter P said...

I've just come back here in a time machine to comment and tell me that it took me like 15 years or something to work out what HLAC stood for.

I'm not all that bright!

Richard said...

I actually was a youth minister in the recent past :)

Beth said...

Every time you say something like...esteemed Reverend Hogan...I forget that's Jeff's last name and I picture Hulk Hogan in priest's collar.

Nick the Geek said...

That would be awesome. We could get him to tag team preach with Randy "The Macho Man" Savage.

Lights come up with Hulk Hogan in a suit and tie. Organ music begins playing opening bars to Garden of Eden by Guns 'n Roses.

HH: Bro, you gotta get some of this here. You will feel the pain of the flame without Jesus.

Enter luchadores in devil masks

HH: Bro I'm bout to make you feel the pain if you don't step off and let me preach.

Ls: Don't listen to him, do it your way. Yes, you can.

HH: Hey you can't just knock off a campaign slogan like that bro.

tears shirt off

HH: Time for some pain.

Fight ensues with Hulk Hogan throwing the Luchadores off the platform until a whole bunch of little people Luchadores rush him at once. He tosses them off and starts trying to get to the side where Macho Man waits for the tag in. Time and time again he nearly makes it only to get pulled back, then when it seems all is lost he makes a gargantuan effort and tags the Macho Man in.

MM: Ohhh, now it's time. Snap into the Bible. Oh Yeah.

HH: Bro you gotta help.

MM: Oh yeah. Get a little Jesus and it's gonna be ok.

The two work together quickly cleaning house while the ref counts down. Just before the last second Hulk Hogan jumps off the platform.

MM: Yeah, now you know so you better get some. Snap into the Gospel. Oh yeah.


I fear for the psychologist that tries to get into my head. Poor guy is gonna crack.

PS, Blogger has apparently changed the way it deals with html in comments which has resulted in my comment not getting formatted correctly. This is quite frustrating.

Helen said...

NtG, think you could have them convert THE Undertaker while they're at it? They call him "the demon of Death Valley" and that kind of bugs me...

Nick the Geek said...

That would be the main event. It would be a reenactment of the exorcism of legion.

Wendy said...

Did the gal who is standing in the video steal her outfit from the Partridge Family, or was it the other way around?

Beth said...

Nick! I've been looking for some kind of drama for church next month...this might be it! We were going to do a parody of Over the Top starring Sly Stallone...but this might be better....

katdish said...

Hey look a chicken:

Where random tangents and welcomed and encouraged...

Billy Coffey said...

Ditto what you said. I have never seen a more random group of comments in my life.

My head hurts.

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Billy, I'm with you. After reading all of that, I've forgotten what I was gonna write about the POST.

But as for a wrestling event like Nick described, I have one thing to say:

I'm all up in that.

Oh yeah! I WAS gonna say that I totally agree with Beth. I think of Hulk Hogan whenever you talk about Jeff.

katdish said...


Jeff Hogan = Hulk Hogan?

Dude. Not even close. He does have a yellow sweatshirt that he's rather fond of though...

Billy - The comments section on this blog is direct and concise compared to the "other blog": The Fellowship of the Traveling Smartypants.

If this makes your head hurt, that'll make your head explode.