Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cartoon Bloggers Part 2

While I am a bit disappointed that Tim Keller has STILL not paid a visit to my humble little blog, I'm sure he's probably busy and it's on his to-do list. I am willing to be patient (for now). I thought yesterday's post went pretty well and no one featured was offended (that I am aware of). Incidentally, I am also waiting for Shepard Smith to comment on my blog, but I digress...

I knew I was going to catch grief from Angela over at Vanities of Vanities for assigning The Little Mermaid to someone else! Yes, Angela, I KNOW that you are now and will forever be the REAL Little Mermaid, and this probably won't make up for that slight, but I kind of saw it a little differently. As you know, Ariel was a mermaid that longed to be human, whereas her daughter Melody was (much like you) was a girl that longed to be a mermaid. And while I realize that this most likely does not make up for the slight, I simply thought it would make more sense:
Having said that, another character comes to mind when I think of Angela. Even though I probably have a good 40 pounds on her (and that's likely a conservative estimate) I'm pretty sure she could kick my butt if she wanted to, because she's a fighter. Not in the literal sense, mind you, but in the courageous, fight for what's right even when life gives you a sh*t sandwich kind of fighter. I could be wrong, but something tells me that I'm not. So my second character association for Angela is Mulan. I realize she's not Asian, but she's not a cartoon character either.

Logically, the next person on my list would be Shawn from Brain Clutter, since I found Shawn's blog through Angela's blog. But honestly, where did you ever get the impression that I was logical? Besides, I haven't quite narrowed down that selection just yet. I have a couple in mind, but nothing that just screams "Shawn". So I promise I will get back to her very soon.
I'm going to be transparent here and tell you that it's 11:53 p.m. central time, I just got back from my first praise team practice in over 6 months (which lasted 3-1/2 hours -- not because we practiced that much, but because none of us can shut up long enough to pick up our keys and walk out the door), and rather than try to rush through this thing when I'm tired, I am going to close out this post with a couple of really easy, no-brainer comparisons -- not the bloggers, the comparisons. (See how I get when I'm tired?)
First up, Joanna from Joanna Muses. I honestly don't know much about Joanna except that a) she is a student, b) based upon a couple of her posts that I've read she seems pretty wise for someone so young, c) she is from Australia, d) I think Australia is WICKED AWESOME! Obvious comparison Numero Uno: Joanna and Bill the Cat. I think Joanna is cuter than Bill, but you get the general idea.

I know a little more about Christy from Warning: Sleep Talking Zone than I do Joanna, but not much. She's closer to my age, is a mom like me (but not a slacker mom like me because she's a homeschooler -- not that if you don't home school you're a slacker mom, but I happen to fit into that little paradigm quite nicely thankyouverymuch!) Oh, geez! Where was I? Okay, obvious comparison Numero Twono (I know, you're impressed at my Spanish - You don't need lessons Angela, I'll teach you everything I know!)

AHEM, Numero Twono:
Christy and Wonderwoman:

By the way, I have it on good authority that the first picture is an actual un-retouched photo of Christy taken this past Halloween. Color me impressed!

I may or may not post another cartoon blogger installment tomorrow. I've got several pictures saved and ready to go, and I have every intention of finishing what I started out to do. But I feel a prosperity gospel rant coming on, and when that happens there's only two things I can do:

1) Rant incessantly about it on this blog, or

2) Go to Walmart with a black sharpie and do little cosmetic dentistry to the 19 rows of Joel Osteen books.

And since they've got me on surveillance video there and they were kind enough to let me off with a warning the last couple of time that happened, I just don't think the second option is such a good idea.
Update: In the weaning hours of Tuesday night that quickly turned into the early hours of Wednesday morning, I made the following rather flippant statement: "it's 11:53 p.m. central time, I just got back from my first praise team practice in over 6 months (which lasted 3-1/2 hours -- not because we practiced that much, but because none of us can shut up long enough to pick up our keys and walk out the door.)" And while it is true that everyone there has the propensity to shoot the shi gift of gab, I do not want to leave the impression that I am not grateful for that time. We talked at length about, among other things, the path that lead us back together to form this little band of ragamuffins. While I have the ability to sometimes recognize when God opens a door, I often fail to see soon enough when He closes a door, or in some cases, slams it shut in your face repeatedly. So that time was incredibly humbling and reflective for me. But that subject is best left to another post which probably should be written by another author. I just wanted to clear that up.


sherri said...

I'm ba-ack!

Noticed that your comment section was a bit boring- not a typo to be found! What kind of uptight people are you drawing?

veri word: glininem
What they call Eminem's Dad Glenn.

Stacy from Louisville said...

Joanna's - that one was awesome!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Sherri? What, no typos from you either?

I guess it's up to me to renedy the situafion.

Hey! I'm a slacker mom too! I also do not homeschool! I even TRIED it for a couple years.

From what I gather, homeschooling only works if you have structure and a PLAN. Go figure.

WV: corphi
Ariel's daughter Melody's pet orca.

katdish said...

YAY! Sherri/Gabby/Sybil is back! (Eminem's Dad Glenn - SNORT!)

Stacy - yeah, I'm rather fond of that on myself.

Steph - sometimes all I can say is, you freaking crack me up!

Helen said...

Joel Olsteen reminds me of a young man I went to college with. He was drop dead gorgeous and I almost needed my jaw wired shut to keep it from dropping when I saw him. Jet black hair. "Artistic type" (translation: purple highlights in the front, always wore black). True eyecandy. We are talking King Size Snicker Bar. Then I was introduced to him and we started talking. Some how, he was no longer "drop dead gorgeous" and I had to go to Confession for wishing he would drop dead (which reminds me of another story, but I don't want to be outted as your chatty friend, "bless her heart" from yesterday).
Anyhow, sometimes men stop being goodlooking after they speak.

wv coagnes When you have more than one Agnes at a given location, they each get the title coagnes

Christy said...

I can't stop snickering in my head, 'cause if you had actually seen me this past Halloween, you wouldn't be able to stop snickering either. I was actually Velma from Scooby-Doo! hehehe! How un-amazonish woman is that? Of course, I did that so as to keep my WW secret identity - yeah, that's it!

jasonS said...

Great post and @Helen, very funny. I feel the same way about Kelly Ripa. After her mouth opened, she wasn't as gorgeous somehow. Weird how that happens...

Joanna said...

Haha! My infamous cat! I originally put him on my MSN as a temporary thing while i made a picture of my own but he got so many comments he's now become the mascot of most of what i do online. I did once have someone tell me they thought the cat was evil and made me take it down while i talked to them.

Pam said...

@Helen- 'King Size Snicker Bar'- Oh my goodness! How I laughed. Never heard that one- definitely gonna have to use it though!

sherri said...

I'm trying to read your new post , something about vomiting, but when I click on the title, it says "this page does not exist".
What's up with that?

Quit messin' with my head! I'm tired.

I'll try again tomorrow.

vanityofvanities said...

Haha okay, I forgive you. While Melody is not even a fraction as fantastical as Ariel, I see your logic. I'll let it go. :)

WV pedsies - the fake foam flips they give you at the nail salon if you forget to bring your own to wear after your pedicure.

katdish said...

Helen - did your other story have anything to do with "Drop Dead Fred"? cuz that's what it reminded me of. (Especially the part when you wanted that guy to drop dead.)

Christy - You celebrate Halloween?!? SINNNNERRRR! (just kidding).

JasonS - thanks for stopping back by. That Helen's a hoot, huh?

Joanna - see? I was right about you being wise yet young. I, on the other hand, am old and immature. I don't know that I would have taken the picture down. I would have probably made fake devil horns on my head with my fingers and hissed at them, cuz that's how I roll...

(Helen's stealin' my thunder)

Angela - Thank goodness you forgive me! I was hiding behind the couch waiting for you to comment. Lots of dust bunnies; lots and lots of dust bunnies. Incidentally, Xena Warrior Princess was my first choice.

texasshawn said...

LOL Looks like I dodged a bullet for now.

Helen, I'm stealing your King Size Snicker reference.

BTW you can be a slacker mom and home-school. It was easy. ;-)

wv-sychero = a cheerio gone terribly wrong.