Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Finally over...

I could write a long post about what I think about the results, but instead I'll just be lazy and provide a link:

I think that pretty much sums it up for me...
Thanks, Angela.
Now let's all side hug and make purple.


Anonymous said...

Now let's all side hug and make purple.

...But only make purple if you're married! ;)

Thanks for the link o' love!

Pam said...

Very good link and she had me right up to the last sentence and yikes... I try to see the man and not the party but oh well, it was a really great post. By the way, my word verification is tholyt.... now that is cool.... holy with a cross on each end... hmmmmm.... how many points would that be if used as a church name?

Helen said...

All we are saying is give purple a chance! Red and blue make purple. Teehee, good one Katdish, I love it! Yes, I know the reference is SCL, but the metaphor is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Pam - me, too. It was said in jest, mostly. But, I've explained why I tend to lean Republican; it has to do with the party platform AND the man. And mostly with killing defenseless people. Harsh, but honest.

Anonymous said...

Oh - that came across mad. I'm not mad! Thanks for saying it was a great post. :)

katdish said...

Hey! What's with leaving links to your blog on my blog? If I wanted to read your blog I would! (Oh, wait...I DO read your blog -- nevermind!)

You know I'm kidding. Did you see that anonymous comment on SCL today? I'm not a fan of the anonymous comment, they could at least come up with some clever alter ego like "mistymorningmountain".

Anonymous said...

Lady, I can link it up if I want to, and you can delete if you want to! Those are the rules of bloggin'. ;)

BIG. FAT. LINK. mwahahahaha!

Anyway, I hadn't seen the anonymous post, but I hunted for it. First, I agree with you. Have the stinkin' guts to say who you are! And second, I just have to restrain myself from using the words "condoning mass murder" a lot. People are treating it as though it weren't a big deal or anything...

And no, it's not the only deal. It's just the biggest. People would think so if they were week-old babies, now wouldn't they?

Wow - hope you're pro-life. Or else you're really ticked at me right now and poised to click the "delete comment" button... :D

Helen said...

Thanks for pointing out anonymous @8:38's comment. I read it, had a s***fit, and wrote one for them. I don't mind anonymous comments if someone is "baring their soul" and can't bring themselves to identify themself. I still haven't admitted to having a last name on my blog :-) But I don't like snarkiness delivered anonymously. I hope Jon doesn't do a "comment deleted" on me. I was really mad. I had gone to Sherri's blog right after reading her comment, and I really enjoyed her questionaire. It gave me a chance to think about things differently, you know? God bless!

katdish said...


No worries. I'm right there with you. I can disagree with a candidate on many issues, but not standing up for the rights of the unborn is a total deal breaker.


Oh! Can't wait to pop by and see what you wrote!

BTW - I don't think of Plankton's computer wife Karen when I read your blog. I guess I kinda hear my own voice because you remind me of me.

Pam said...

Sorry Vanity~looking back it does sound kinda catty and I really didn't mean it like that...I think I'm on politic overload [like everyone] so please, no hard feelings. My mouth runs at a much higher speed than my brain! :)

Beth said...

May I just say I loved reading these comments and I love the gals on here? It makes me feel a little less freaky. And I mean that in the best way possible! :) Sometimes I feel like a freak even at my own church plant...but you all say what I am thinking so many times, and do a much better job of it than I could. So who wants to move to Indiana from Texas or whatever state or country you hail from? Huh? Huh? There's some sweet property for sale around here due to economic crisis for about a decade...

katdish said...


With the exception of Helen, we're all in Texas. And I won't speak for the other ladies, but I am a freak, my pastor is a freak, his wife (my painting buddy and close friend) is a freak. Actually, I would have to say that the majority of our core group are freaks with the exception of my husband, but we love him anyway.

I want to share a really cool quote I read the other day. It's one of those I would stencil on my wall if it wasn't so dang long:

"What you really have to do, if you want to be creative, is to unlearn all the teasing and censoring that you've experienced throughout your life. If you are truly a creative person, you know that feeling insecure and lonely is par for the course. You can't have it both ways: You can't be creative and conform, too. You have to recognize that what makes you different also makes you creative."

- Arno Penzias, 1978 Nobel Prize winner for physics

While I love that quote, I have to disagree about the lonely part. God has put so many great people in my life that share my, er, somewhat non-conformist view of the world. And I'm honestly so very grateful for Jon's blog because without it, I would never have had the opportunity to communicate with all of you. I don't want to get all sappy, but I wanted you to know that whatever this back and forth thing is that we have going on here in the blogosphere, it has lifted my spirits, challenged and convicted me, and has been an absolute blessing to me. (I'm a little amongst yourselves...)

Beth said...

Yay! Helen is in Chicago, a mere 4.5 hours from me!

Go ahead and be sappy, Kathy. I'm a big pile of sap. I cry over game shows. Yes, that's right. Game shows. I just get so happy for the people that win...and the tears start has to be some type of disorder.

But I am thankful because a few months ago I started praying for Christian mentors. I started meeting with my pastor's wife every week and we're growing closer. A challenge because between the two of us we have 6 kids and there's not a lot of time to really TALK, especially when we're trying to run a church service! And I found SCL and all of you...the most bizarre answer to prayer ever, but you are all very encouraging. Whenever I start to feel alone, I can let it get the best of me and depression, here I come! But when I keep my mind focused on truth...what's the opposite of depression? I'm sure it has to do with a fruit of the spirit...I pick "peace" since I wrote about it today.

Anyway, someone has to teach me how to put links in comments. I did it once, but only because my husband did it for me using HTML or something and he did it way to fast for me to learn.

Alright, I'd better make dinner before the short people revolt.

SHerri said...

I think we could paraphrase your quote on a t-shirt or bumper sticker...."I'm Not a FREAK, just really CREATIVE!"

I've just started this blogging stuff and am having a blast! I'm basically clueless when it comes to the virtual world, but enjoying meeting other freaky, I mean, creative people! I'd like to get to know "anonymous" better,(since I was his target) . To Find out where all the displaced anger comes from! I feel like it's a "man", but could just be some type A woman needing to vent.

You girls are very funny to read.

Creatively Freaky, in Southern Illinois

Anonymous said...

Pam - no worries. I realized my response sounded bad, too! :)

Beth - THAT's how you found me! And may I suggest that YOU move to the Republic of Texas? It's a beautiful country. And I recently taught katdish how to do html links, but she apparently didn't learn - judging from this post! This page should help! (But only if you use it, unlike SOME people.)


Helen said...

I think I can outbeat crying at game shows for sappiness. I've cried during cartoons. Snoopy Come Home. Here Comes Garfield. The Little Drummer Boy. Especially the little drummer boy. When he overcomes his hatred for people because of his parents being murdered by gazing on the Christ child.....I am just a mess. I used to show this movie every year when I taught second grade, too. And every year, some child would be looking in the back of the room (at me) instead of the screen when the boy was playing his drum and smiling and would say "Hey, teacher is crying", and I'd say "You'd be too if you were paying attention to the film." So as you can see, no one here has a monopoly on freakishness. We are just freakish (and sappy) in our own freaky freakerson freakish ways. This has been freakin' fun!
My word is gishnesc. Whenever I look at these freaky word verifications, I always think that I would use them as names in a book if I ever wrote a novel. I would just do it on my computer, call them Person A, Person B, etc, and then before sending the manuscript to a publisher, I would look at the comment section of different blogs to get freaky wourd verifications, hit "replace all" and replace them with these words for names, and I would be all set. What a freaky run on sentence.
Good times!

katdish said...

How weird is it that everyone on this comment page is either in Texas, Illinois or another one of those "middle states" (Indiana).

And Amanda, I still can't do the link thing, I have to go to the website, cut and paste the HTML code, then go to the link, and cut and paste that. That's like 2 more steps than my A.D.D. brain can handle.

Sherrie - I don't know about "anon" being a man. It sounded pretty catty to me. But who knows? Sometimes I speak out against something on SCL when I feel strongly about it (like heresy or legalism), but what's the point of even mentioning the links? It reminds me of some punky kid who's afraid someone might get more attention than them. Okay. I'm gonna shut up now. Nighty night!

Beth said...

I always imagine anonymous commenters in big dark glasses, a hat, and a trench coat....typing secretly in a dark alley. They usually are smoking a cigarette, too. In reality, it was probably WAS a punky kid in the computer lab at school. Who's not even old enough to vote.

Yay! Sherri scores a point for the alliance of IL/IN. Although I'm sure she'll tell you that Southern Illinois is NOT Chicago. No offense to Chicago. I love Chicago. But it's a lot different than say....Effingham or Olney.

Beth said...

Oh I forgot! Thanks for the info!! And I would move to Texas (I was in Houston for 2 days circa 2001 and really liked all 48 hours of it), but I only have gas money to get to Arkansas...Well, that and the hubby and kids might miss me after they realize I am the only one who knows where 90% of their belongings are.

Anonymous said...

*Wonders if Amanda also taught you how to do hyperlinks.*

SHerri said...

For starters, I still don't know how to cut and paste! Seriously! DOn't know how to get the blogger sign or a photo next to my name either.Or hyperlink, and don't know what alot of what the abbreviations mean. (Are any of you saps crying?)
I really am new to the computer world.Even though I'm old.I'm having fun tring to learn.

And Helen, God love ya', I laughed out loud at your "sappy" story!
You are too funny. I've think I've met you somewhere before.
I'm also a freaky sap that "ugly cries"! (I hate that!)

As far as Southern Illinois goes, we are 6 hours south of CHicago, but you'd think it was a different country. My town has a population of 8,500. CHicago views us as "hillbillies"! It's Okay though.
It is beautiful down here!
Beautiful lakes and vineyards, "Garden of the Gods".
SIU SALUKIS basketball and football always do well in post season.
A simple lifestyle, but only 2 hours SOuth of St. Loius if we need a dose of the Big CIty!
Ya'll should make the trip!

katdish said...

Oh crap, Angela! I'm sorry.

Your friend,


Beth said...

Those Salukis! Always pounding the Indiana State football team. Wait, EVERYONE pounds ISU in football. At least we're ok some years in basketball. Besides, basketball is what Hoosiers are all about anyway.

Usually I ignore the word verification. But horpro?? What does that MEAN?? Put that in your novel, Helen...

Helen said...

We don't really think everyone from southern IL are hillbillies any more than you downstaters believe everyone in Chicago is a gangster. It's just the stuff we like to tease eachother with.
I did meet someone who was serious about being afraid of gangs in Chicago. The poor woman was afraid of an old (he could probably give Methuselah a run for his money) homeless man who was hanging out between our parked cars and was afraid he might be with a gang. I told her I'd walk her to her car. She asked what we should do if he pulled a knife or a gun on us. I told her if he pulled a gun on us, I'd take him on, if he pulled a knife, he was all hers, and grabbed her arm and took her to her car while her mouth was still hung open. The worst part is she wasn't from all that far away. She was from a little nearby suburb called Lake Forest.
Anyway, for the most part, I think most Chicagoans think of downstate IL as further out suburbs, which you might find just as offensive. My husband and I used to like to visit a town (too far away from the city to be a "suburb") called Oregon, IL a few hours east of Chicago. I think they are actually in the Joliet area. At least that is where their local t.v. news comes from . They have a beautiful Fall Festival, with a Renaissance Fest the same weekend not far away in Stronghold.

I think Horpro would probably be her last name rather than first. Maybe she should be a good girl and the name could be ironic...

Vanityof Vanities,
Forgive Katdish. She signed her own name as Katfish, so she obviously has problems :-)

Was that mistake intentional, or do you really need a cheat sheet to remember your own name?

heven (teehee, I can play with my name, too)


SHerri said...

I'm AM afraid of Chicago "gangstas".
I saw the movie, "Gangs of CHicago"- that was enough for me!
I'll just keep my hillbilly butt safe here in SO. Illinois!
Really, just kidding. I have relatives in CHicago (Niles, Barrington Hills, Carpenterville)and we joke with each other all the time. One of their sayings is "We're coming to visit, so someone pull my teeth and hand me a banjo!" (We have

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Helen, I didn't even notice!


hahahahaha that's the best.

And Sherri... highlight the text, right-click, and choose "copy." Then right-click where you want the text and choose "paste."

Kris said...

First, what is this?.... Did you see that anonymous comment on SCL today?

second...loved your link. i feel the same way. it is hard to do, but we must go forward and pray for all the things (even the republican part) that your link pointed out.


katdish said...


Didn't you know? This post comment section is the "Stuff Christians Like" chat room. You're the first person on this page that I didn't "meet" on that blog.

The anonymous comment refers to a comment made by someone posting anonymously on "Stuff Christians Like". He/she was complaining that they didn't read SCL to link to other people's blogs and they thought it was rude and annoying for people to put links within their comments. So we're just talking some smack about them (in a good, Christian kind of way).