Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me,
Just turned forty-three
I'm old and distinguished,
Having often to pee!
Incontinence: the gift that keeps on giving!
It's my birthday. Yes, I'm old, but incredibly immature. That's gotta count for something, huh? Here's a few celebs who share this day with me.
Katdish: wife, mother, painter,
church planter, internationally
read blogger with readers
numbering in the high
single digits every day!
John Huston: (screenwriter and
director, Angelica's dad)
Neil Armstrong:
Loni Anderson:
Maureen McCormick:
(actress, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!)
Patrick Ewing :
(basketball superstar)
Adam aka
MCA Yaunch:
(rapper -
Beastie Boys)
Tawny Kitaen: (actress, best know
for writhing on car in White Snake
video and numerous arrests.)
Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda:
(guitarist, Twisted Sister)
Jonathan Silverman:
sassy, sarcastic commenter
on Jon Acuff's blog,
"Stuff Christians Like"
THIS JUST IN.....also born on my birthday Barak Obama (who knew? well, kris actually)


Kris said...


today is also obama's b-day. don't you feel special?


katdish said...

Thanks -- I just updated my blog.

(you should be asking Barack this same question...)

jamie in rose cottage said...

Wow, quite a lot of celebs you celebrate with! Happy, happy birthday to you!!! I'm honored to be among your readers numbering in the "high single digits." {grin}

Kris said...

oops, i think it was yesterday. there are differing reports. sorry for the boo boo.


katdish said...

August 4th, August 5th...

tomAto, tomotto...

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday! Hey, 43 years of life experience is nice to have, in my opinion!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Stay immature, my friend...I need someone to understand me.

Hope you have a very "Depend"able birthday party and that someone offers you a good can of nuts that you open looking for a cashew and --POP-- out jumps a rubber snake. (Gives new meaning to incontinence.)

Btw, when I was 13 I had the coolest poster of Twisted Sister on my bedroom wall.

Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated

Helen said...

Happy Belated Birthday! God Bless you!

JML said...

Yes, happy belated birthday!!!!!!

katdish said...

Thanks for the happy birthday shout-outs, by blogger buddies!

(cyber hugs!)

Anonymous said...

A very late belated happy birthday to you! I think the celebration shouldn't end until after tomorrow (the 16th) so it can include mine!! :)


David Michael said...

You are funny!