Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ann and Nancy, I don't know if I heart you anymore...

When I was in junior high, I was Ann Wilson and my friend Laurie was Nancy of the superly awesome band Heart. We chose each sister because we had long brown hair and long blonde hair, respectively. Naturally, we both got perms to completely pull off the look, and Laurie played a mean air guitar. To me, these 2 sisters were the definition of cool. Ann with her amazing vocal range and Nancy with her daft guitar playing skills. Nancy wasn't just a chick who could play guitar, she was actually a great guitar player. Little Queen, Dreamboat Annie and Dog & Butterfly were, to me, three incredibly amazing albums. Granted, they put out a sizable amount of really crappy music after that, but much can be forgiven when you have that kind of legacy. (Call we all say "Aerosmith" together?) I also got the sense that Ann and Nancy were true and faithful to their art. It was the work that mattered, not the fame or the money. What was "Barracuda" all about anyway? It's been many years since Heart's heyday, but great music remains great. From time to time, I still dress up in my saucy wench outfit, put on my "Little Queen" cd and get my angry diva on. That is, until I saw this:

Not only did they sell out to THE MAN, but they allowed my beloved "Barracuda" to be used in an effort to convince soccer moms that driving a minivan was cool. Bono himself could drive one -- cool, they are not!

In closing, I would like to add a personal message to Ann and Nancy Wilson (because I'm pretty sure they read my blog):

"Sell me, sell you the porpoise said,
Dive down deep to save my own head
You...I think you got the blues too."

INDEED! (This is me, slowly shaking my head in disappointment.)


JML said...

Oh no. I'm pretty sure that it was Herbert Marcuse in his "One-Dimensional Man" that confronted our society's wretched tendency to rape and pillage amazing art for the sake of commercialism. That is a sad commercial, what's worse, I have a pastor friend who drives one of those. I bet the commercial makes him feel cool. Poor, poor man.

katdish said...

I thought I'd heard it all when I saw a tennis shoe commercial with "Revolution" by the Beatles (like Paul McCartney needs the money), but these were my GIRLS!

Helen said...

Hi Katdish! If you watch ME t.v. (the old television show network) they also show old commercials. Apparently the Fifth Dimensions did the same thing in the sixties with "Beautiful Balloon" and some product I don't remember. Even sixties icons sold old back in the seventies, so you can take "heart" that Heart held out this long.
P.S. I get those pass this along if you love Jesus emails, and I just try to discern if the message is uplifting and who in my life might appreciate being lifted up. I don't worry about the numbers, because I know Jesus knows I love Him, and He knows when I fall short. I do have fun honking at the "Honk if You Love Jesus " bumper stickers when I'm a pedestrian though. Then I might sing a Sunday school song so passersby might be less afraid of me (and if they're really smart, they might put that together with the honking and laugh). Besides, I think life should resemble musicals more!
Have a great day!

Justine (Justwaaaa) said...

Girl, you are a nutball. I've always hated Heart. In fact, just about any female group from the 80s I hate! Go figure.

Justine :o )