Thursday, May 8, 2008

How ya like me now?

It's still not quite "there", but it looks a little better! Check out the Diamond Willow video. Rod and Valerie Vaughn and their kids are definately "living the Jesus life". A lot of us talk a big game when it comes to serving, but they give a new meaning to the phrase "Put up or shut up!" For more info on this incredible ministry, go to

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katdish said...

One more thing about the Vaughns - They didn't start out as missionaries; Rod didn't go to seminary. He was a park ranger who witnessed first hand the heartbreaking devestation of extreme poverty, alchohol abuse (estimated at 90%), and hopelessness on this community of once proud Sioux Indians. Rather than shake his head and turn away, he died to himself and followed Jesus. If I were to make a list of heroes, the Vaughn family would definately be in the top 5!